Thursday, December 13, 2012

The 2013 New Year's Reading

As 2012 comes to a close I wanted to share the 2013 Yearly reading with you. Every year Oluwo Philip John Neimark, of the Ifa Foundation, publishes a yearly reading which helps all those sharing the Ifa Foundation's world-view to navigate the big picture of their lives for the coming year.

This year is presided over by Orunmila, the Orisa of wisdom and knowledge. This places our focus on growing by learning from the experiences that our lives bring us. It is a year to deepen spiritually and become wiser.

The energies this year are Ika Otura. Our focus in day to day life will be doing things differently so that we can bring something new into the world. On the emotional/spiritual side creating peace and calm so that we can focus on the most important things in life will be key.
Please click here to read Oluwo Phil's full comments for 2013.

I want to take this opportunity to wish you and yours a happy Holiday Season. All the best for a joyful, healthy and prosperous 2013.

Love and Blessings,


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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Eating and Stress: Support Your Wellness with Food

What are the things that you can do to support your body in combating stress and in improving your overall wellness? Most of them are common sense. Some of these things may be new to you.

A well balanced diet is among the best things that you can do to improve your overall wellness. Include lots of fresh vegetables and fruit, a balance of protein and carbohydrates, and some healthy fat. If you aren’t sure where to start talk to your doctor, naturopath, or a nutrition professional.

Play with grazing to see if consuming six, or more, small meals a day works. This isn’t for everyone, but, it can improve mood and energy. It can level blood-sugar to help us deal with stress.

Fuel your body properly with three balanced meals every day. Try to be consistent with meal times. This will help your body run your brain and deal with the challenges of everyday living.

Mindful eating slows us down. Pay attention to your chewing, to the taste of the food in your mouth. Mindful eating will help you process your food more efficiently and comfortably.

Pay attention while you swallow. We all have foods that don’t agree with us. Eating them is irritating. A stressed digestive tract cannot get the nutrients out of our food as well. If something doesn’t feel right, stop eating it.

Mindful eating takes longer, but, you will feel satisfied eating less food. In our rushed, food-addicted, culture most of us are over-eaters.

One way to support mindful eating is taking a break to eat lunch. It can be quick and efficient. Getting away from the phone, the computer, and constant interruptions is a mini mental-health break.

When it’s time to grab a snack reach for yogurt and nuts. They pack a punch of two powerful amino acids that will team up to help you combat the effects of stress. Watch the sugar content of the yogurt and sodium in the nuts.

Have you turned around a bad day just by eating right? I’d love to hear about it.

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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Truths to Live By: Empowerment is Your Path

In Ifa, personal empowerment is our path to success and fulfillment. We are expected to take full responsibility for our lives, our actions, and our results.

Before we came here we existed as boundless energy. Our journey here is about learning and growth that can only be fulfilled in the world. It was our decision to come. We determined the lessons we wanted. We chose our Life Path and our Guardian Energy (Orisa). We are in the driver’s seat. We started the journey at choice, empowered to accomplish what we came here to do.

In Ifa ,we have many tools at our disposal to help us on the path. There are ceremonies to connect us to the energies of the Universe, and our destinies. There are consecrated items we can use. There are offerings to help us get life running better. There are readings that can guide us along our destiny path. All of these things are available, but, none of them are required. We are free to choose the tools, ceremonies, and readings that will help us most. We are expected to align in the best way for us.

Your own way of connecting is as unique as you are. The things that will help you are a mix of what is most suitable for you, what moves you. A more experienced person can help, but, you should always make your own decisions.

As an Ifa priest, my role is to provide guidance. I help people figure out how they relate to the energies they need to balance their lives. I provide ideas, inspiration and support as they walk their path. It is my greatest joy to see people develop independence. I am absolutely delighted when someone comes up with ideas for how they want to connect. It means that I have been successful.

There are layers of knowledge. There are no secrets. Your spiritual teachers should empower you so that you are ready to take your next step. Encouraging dependency  is unethical. Giving up your power will stop you from growing.

You are meant to be a powerful and independent contributor. Have you experienced disempowerment at the hands of a spiritual mentor? I’d love to hear your story.

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