Thursday, February 13, 2014

Idi - Flowing Out with Joy

The deep, introspective, energy of iwori is followed by an outflow of joy. The name of the fourth energy is Idi. Idi is all about movement, curiosity, and exploration. It is the result of Olodumare asking “What am I?”

Thought leads the Universe on a quest for the answer. It is a search for the essence of the self. In this case the largest possible Self. 

Idi describes both the process, and attitude, that are essential to understanding this expansion. The process is one of curiosity and exploration. The desire to know its nature leads the Universe to expand outward and explore the possibilities. What could be, what can be created. It is all done with an attitude Joy. The process of creation, and discovery, is ecstatic. 

In a rush of benevolent energy Olodumare expands outward. Creations become more and more complex. Things become deeper, and more satisfying, to Source at each step. Underneath the entire process is a profound joy that underlies all life.  The unbridled excitement with which God creates points us all in the direction of our own exploration.

As we find the stillness within us. As we start to ask the important questions. We connect with profound joy. The result are spontaneous experiences referred to as lightness of being. We see these  in masters from every tradition. The more we can connect with, and stabilize in, the experience of oneness with all that is, the more that we can unite with the actual process. Deep in thought and grounded in joy. 

As we experience it, joy shines out from us into the world bringing inspiration to everyone it touches. It drives us forward the same way that it directs the Universe itself. A deep curiosity about what is possible for us, what we can do to explore all our potential. Joyfully, endlessly , asking what’s next?

Can you feel the surge of positivity, and curiosity, that underlies existence? I’d love to hear why, or why not.

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