Thursday, December 13, 2012

The 2013 New Year's Reading

As 2012 comes to a close I wanted to share the 2013 Yearly reading with you. Every year Oluwo Philip John Neimark, of the Ifa Foundation, publishes a yearly reading which helps all those sharing the Ifa Foundation's world-view to navigate the big picture of their lives for the coming year.

This year is presided over by Orunmila, the Orisa of wisdom and knowledge. This places our focus on growing by learning from the experiences that our lives bring us. It is a year to deepen spiritually and become wiser.

The energies this year are Ika Otura. Our focus in day to day life will be doing things differently so that we can bring something new into the world. On the emotional/spiritual side creating peace and calm so that we can focus on the most important things in life will be key.
Please click here to read Oluwo Phil's full comments for 2013.

I want to take this opportunity to wish you and yours a happy Holiday Season. All the best for a joyful, healthy and prosperous 2013.

Love and Blessings,


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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Eating and Stress: Support Your Wellness with Food

What are the things that you can do to support your body in combating stress and in improving your overall wellness? Most of them are common sense. Some of these things may be new to you.

A well balanced diet is among the best things that you can do to improve your overall wellness. Include lots of fresh vegetables and fruit, a balance of protein and carbohydrates, and some healthy fat. If you aren’t sure where to start talk to your doctor, naturopath, or a nutrition professional.

Play with grazing to see if consuming six, or more, small meals a day works. This isn’t for everyone, but, it can improve mood and energy. It can level blood-sugar to help us deal with stress.

Fuel your body properly with three balanced meals every day. Try to be consistent with meal times. This will help your body run your brain and deal with the challenges of everyday living.

Mindful eating slows us down. Pay attention to your chewing, to the taste of the food in your mouth. Mindful eating will help you process your food more efficiently and comfortably.

Pay attention while you swallow. We all have foods that don’t agree with us. Eating them is irritating. A stressed digestive tract cannot get the nutrients out of our food as well. If something doesn’t feel right, stop eating it.

Mindful eating takes longer, but, you will feel satisfied eating less food. In our rushed, food-addicted, culture most of us are over-eaters.

One way to support mindful eating is taking a break to eat lunch. It can be quick and efficient. Getting away from the phone, the computer, and constant interruptions is a mini mental-health break.

When it’s time to grab a snack reach for yogurt and nuts. They pack a punch of two powerful amino acids that will team up to help you combat the effects of stress. Watch the sugar content of the yogurt and sodium in the nuts.

Have you turned around a bad day just by eating right? I’d love to hear about it.

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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Truths to Live By: Empowerment is Your Path

In Ifa, personal empowerment is our path to success and fulfillment. We are expected to take full responsibility for our lives, our actions, and our results.

Before we came here we existed as boundless energy. Our journey here is about learning and growth that can only be fulfilled in the world. It was our decision to come. We determined the lessons we wanted. We chose our Life Path and our Guardian Energy (Orisa). We are in the driver’s seat. We started the journey at choice, empowered to accomplish what we came here to do.

In Ifa ,we have many tools at our disposal to help us on the path. There are ceremonies to connect us to the energies of the Universe, and our destinies. There are consecrated items we can use. There are offerings to help us get life running better. There are readings that can guide us along our destiny path. All of these things are available, but, none of them are required. We are free to choose the tools, ceremonies, and readings that will help us most. We are expected to align in the best way for us.

Your own way of connecting is as unique as you are. The things that will help you are a mix of what is most suitable for you, what moves you. A more experienced person can help, but, you should always make your own decisions.

As an Ifa priest, my role is to provide guidance. I help people figure out how they relate to the energies they need to balance their lives. I provide ideas, inspiration and support as they walk their path. It is my greatest joy to see people develop independence. I am absolutely delighted when someone comes up with ideas for how they want to connect. It means that I have been successful.

There are layers of knowledge. There are no secrets. Your spiritual teachers should empower you so that you are ready to take your next step. Encouraging dependency  is unethical. Giving up your power will stop you from growing.

You are meant to be a powerful and independent contributor. Have you experienced disempowerment at the hands of a spiritual mentor? I’d love to hear your story.

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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Eating and Stress: What not to Eat

We’re all tired of being told about the things that are bad for us. If you’re battling stress  understanding the impact of bad choices on you, and your body, is important.

Many of us look for a boost mid-morning or mid-afternoon. This is the most challenging time for many people in terms of healthy eating. Most easy things are not good for us.

When cravings hit do you find sweets irresistible? They are the most tempting things for me.  Sugar gives you that quick boost. Have you ever noticed how quickly you can feel its effects? Sweets can be very compelling, almost addictive.

Stable blood sugar is an important factor in keeping stress levels down. The issue is the sudden spikes then drops in your blood glucose. This is true of anything sweet. Processed sugar is the biggest culprit, but even honey, or fruit juice, can have undesirable effects. Whole fruit is really the only way to go if you are craving something sweet. If you wan to learn more about the mechanics of blood sugar see my post: Eating and Stress: Your Blood Sugar.

The second thing that people reach for is caffeine. The most common sources of caffeine are coffee, black tea, colas, and  green tea. Caffeine is a drug, and like any drug its effects different people differently. If you doubt the addictive qualities of caffeine try quitting coffee. The headaches and anxiousness should be enough to convince you. Caffeine also enters the bloodstream quickly and gives us an almost immediate boost.

Consumption of large amounts of caffeine can lead to nervousness, irritability, restlessness, insomnia, headaches, and heart palpitations. It may also keep you from sleeping well.  All of that physical stress will make dealing with other stressors more difficult. You may pay the price for that quick energy burst with a more stressed out life.
Energy drinks are a fairly new issue. They are almost always an unhealthy cocktail of sugar and caffeine. Even when derived from natural sources the effects are the same. Consuming sugar and caffeine together will increase the energy boost but also the crashes and side-effects. Avoid energy drinks altogether.
Do reach for sugary foods, caffeinated beverages, or energy drinks to get a boost? Have you every experienced any of the negative side-effects? I’d love to hear about your experiences.

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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Truths to Live By: Your Birthright

We came to this life in order to learn and grow. Challenges are part of it, misery and suffering are not. It is our birthright to be joyful, successful and loved. These are the Universal values that the Yoruba have handed down to us.

There is no doubt that some people have taken on difficult and very challenging Life Paths. Yet, even in the face of those challenges, there can be joy. Indeed some of the most challenged people on the planet are the happiest.

Whatever you have suffered in your past is meant to be dealt with so that you can claim your birthright for the future. To realize your potential for success, joy and love, you must give up your victim mentality. There is nothing you can do to change your past. Your present challenges are what they are. You  are always in charge of your reactions.

Many respected people came from backgrounds that seem impossibly difficult. They rose to the challenge and were victorious. Were they special? Stronger, smarter, luckier, than you? No.

You chose your path and you have all the resources you need to make the best of it. Do the work you need to do to move through your fear and doubt and emerge as the joyful and fulfilled person you were meant to be.

You may have to let go of anger and resentment for past hurts. You may have to reevaluate what’s really important to you so that you can see the good that flows into your life. Do the work to set yourself free.

The Yoruba were a happy, optimistic people. They knew that if they trusted in the benevolence of the Universe, walked their path with dignity and joy, that they would be able to claim the promise Ifa makes. It is your birthright to be joyful, successful and to be loved, right here, right now. There is no need to wait for the promise of heaven.

Have you been able to step forward and claim your birthright? I’d love to hear why, or why not.

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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Eating and Stress: Three Meals

 When, what, and how we eat affects stress levels. Making small changes goes a long way to help you deal with stress more effectively. It is something that is completely under your control.

You should eat at least three, balanced, meals every day. Eating five or six a day could be even better. Experiment to see if you are a grazer. If so, remember to adjust your meal sizes so that you are eating a reasonable amount of food.

“Breakfast is the most important meal of the day” is one piece of grandma’s advice that you should listen to. You will be healthier, and have milder stress reactions, if you eat a good breakfast. Some studies suggest that breakfast should be your largest meal.

When you wake up your body is starving. Make time to have a simple breakfast that includes carbohydrates, protein and fat. My favourite, is a smoothie with some frozen berries, milk, and protein powder. I can make it in 5 minutes. Skipping breakfast starts your day with stress.

If you’re a grazer make sure you have a healthy mid-morning snack.

 Once your day gets going it is easy to have lunch late. If it’s been almost 7 hours since breakfast your blood sugar is plummeting. Your brain is screaming for energy. Smart food choices will be harder to make.

Schedule your lunch. Try to fit it in about four hours after breakfast.  Keep your body fuelled and your blood sugar stable. You’ll be more resilient to stress. Include protein, healthy carbs, and some good fat.

For the grazers, remember to have something quick to gobble up mid-afternoon.

The day is done. You may have worked late, have  a family to deal with.You’re tempted to eat poorly. Your last meal of the day fuels your body until morning. A moderate sized, balanced, meal will not only help you feel better when you wake up, but, it will also help you to sleep better tonight.

Some grazers like to have a snack before bed. That is fine, but, it should be small. Give yourself at least an hour to digest before sleeping. High protein nighttime snacks may actually prevent you from getting to sleep.

How are your eating habits? Do you find it challenging to get the right food at the right time? I'd love to hear why, or why not?

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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

The Power of a Hurricane

Last week we experienced an upheaval that affected a huge number of people. I’d like to explore the two Orisa energies that came together to create the “Frankenstorm” Sandy.

My heart and prayers go out to everyone who has been affected by this natural catastrophe. I, along with many Ifa priests, aligned with the energies involved to ask them to minimize the impact that this powerful event would have on the loss of human life. The Orisa, however, see a bigger picture than we can.

Two powerful, protective, and sometimes violent energies came together. They are Oya, the energy of the wind, bringer of sudden change, and Yemonja/Olokun the twin Orisas of the sea, stern nurturers. The ferocity of the wind and the temper of the sea can be awesome. They have sent us a clear message about the shifts we are creating in our climate.

Yemonja/Olokun are the energies of stern nurturing. They are caring. They provide wealth. They feed us with the bounty of the ocean. Their generosity comes at a price. Like any good parent, they expect us to behave with good character, to learn to care for ourselves and others. We need to grow. We need to appreciate the gifts that they give us by honouring the ocean and its creatures.

Oya is about change. About embracing what has happened, its impact on you, its affect on people you know and love. We each need to ask ourselves what needs to change. How can you flow with what has happened? What do you need to shift for the future?

We also need to look at the bigger picture. How can we humans come into balance with nature. What part can you play? Start by connecting with these energies. Thanking them for the shifts and awareness that they have created.

We are told by climate scientists that this is just the beginning. Human activity has created these extreme events. We will continue to suffer from more and more devastation until we change.

When the shock is over, the grieving done, it is time to work together to find the balance. How has the storm affected you personally? Has it impacted the way that you see nature? I’d love to know why, or why not.

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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Eating and Stress: Your Blood Sugar

Eating can directly impact your stress. Understanding how food affects you will help you manage it. It comes down to maintaining proper blood sugar levels.

The ideal situation is to have an even, healthy, level of blood sugar throughout the day. It is affected by when you eat, how often you eat, and what you eat. Let’s look at the impact of blood sugar on your stress-response and overall health.

Blood sugar is glucose which is used by your body as energy. Your brain needs this energy to function. Your brain can’t store glucose. It is totally dependant on the sugar circulating in your bloodstream.

Glucose is made from the carbohydrates. That means grains, breads, pasta, fruit and sugar. The more refined a carbohydrate is, the faster it will go into your bloodstream as glucose. Processed sugar, and simple, natural, sugars ( like fruit juice, maple syrup and honey) are directly absorbed by your stomach. They quickly release glucose into your bloodstream.

We are looking for balance. Blood sugar that is too low, or too high, is a problem. Consuming more sugar is not the solution. Eating simple sugars ends up depriving your brain of the glucose it needs.

Low blood sugar can be caused by, lack of food, skipping meals, or the re-bound after consuming sugary food. Low blood sugar creates an emotional response of nervousness, or anxiety, which can directly impact your ability to deal with stressful situations. It can also lead to confusion and irritability, putting your body into a stressed state even when nothing is happening. It can impact your ability to deal with your emotions leading to over-reactions.

High blood sugar can make you hyper-sensitive and reactive. You may get angry with very little reason. It can also lead to fatigue which impacts your ability to perform and cope with day to day tasks.

Either state, low, or high, will create and environment of heightened emotions. They will increase your accumulated stress. Ideally you want to keep your blood sugar stable throughout the day. Then your brain can perform at its best. Your body will be fully equipped to deal with the stresses of the day.  Have you suffered from high, or low, blood sugar symptoms? I’d like to hear what it was like for you.

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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Truths to Live By: No Devil

In Ifa we believe that there is no devil. There is no force in the Universe designed to tempt humans and distance them from God. In this post we’ll explore this truth and the reason that it is critical to the Ifa world-view.

This tenet is not based on some naive idea that only good exists. We fully acknowledge that there is evil and darkness in the world. They are necessary for balance. We do not perform cleansing or shedding ceremonies on Wednesdays and Saturdays in respect to the chaotic and destructive forces in the Universe.

If the Universe was created by a single benevolent force why would that force create an entity whose sole purpose was harm us? From a mystical perspective, the devil makes no sense. If God is the ground of being and we, at our deepest level, are also God. How would it be possible for us to be tempted away?

In a traditional religious context it was important to enforce an absolute code of ethics. It was critical to our growth as a species. It freed  us from the warlords who destroyed so many lives. God was seen as a stern enforcer. Only the worthy could gain admittance to heaven. The devil tested the faithful. People had to  prove that they deserved the after-life. If not, they would suffer for eternity. It was a very effective way to keep people in line. It prevented the fiercest among us from ruling the world.

In our benevolent world-view it is unthinkable that God would have created a being whose sole purpose is to tempt, and misguide, us. There is evil and negativity in the world. We have tools to deal with them. The rest of our success, or failure, is a matter of our own character and our chosen destiny.

It’s up to you to achieve your destiny. The Universe is there to guide you. If you let it. Do you believe in the devil? I’d love to know why, or why not.

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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Are you Dealing with an Impossible Boss?

Is your boss impossible to deal with? Is managing their moods and expectations stressing you out? Let’s talk about some solutions.

I’ve had my fair share of impossible people to work for. Sometimes dealing with a difficult superior can be upsetting, even depressing. Many people find themselves in a job they like, but can’t seem to get along with the person they report to.

The first step is figuring out what you are contributing to the situation. How do you make the situation as good as it can be? How do you make matters worse? While you may be dealing with a completely unreasonable person, you are still in control of your reactions.

Are you letting your fear control you? I used to do that. When asked to meet a completely impossible deadline I would say yes because I was afraid I might get in trouble, or even fired. Dealing with your fear is an important step to improving any relationship.

Consider the type of person that you’re boss is. They may be very different from you. Try to understand their perspective. What would It be like to be in their shoes? You may resist this. It is easier to complain.

Your boss is another human being with pressures, and faults, of their own. Understanding their shortcomings and issues will build empathy and compassion. It will make it easier to tolerate their not so good behaviour. It will also help you to relate to, and communicate with, them better.

Improving communication is the best way to work on a relationship.  Pay attention to the types of words your boss uses.  If they use a lot of visual words do the same. If they express more through emotional words, do that. They may talk more about sounds, “Do you hear what I’m saying?” or through logic “That doesn’t make sense to me”. You will find it easier to understand them, and to be understood by them, if you communicate like them.

These are just preliminary steps. Taking responsibility for improving your relationship is the point. Have you had some success in managing a difficult boss? I’d love to hear why or why not.

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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Truths to Live By: A Single Creative Force

The Yoruba believed in a single creative force that has made the Universe. That belief is critical to understanding the Ifa world-view.

From the stillness came creation. The blast of light that started it all is called Ogbe Meji. Today, science calls it the big bang. It happened about 14 billion years ago. In Ifa the force that created that blast is called Olodumare.

How can a philosophy with all those Orisa consider itself monotheistic? Because the Orisa are energies, not gods. They were created by God just the way the rest of the Universe was.

The Yoruba did not ask for Olodumare’s help. They did not consider God approachable.  You cannot pray to something that is everything, and nothing, at once.

This benevolent force placed us into creation. It gave us access to the Orisa, the eternal energies of the Universe, to assist us with our growth and development. Unlike most shamanic traditions, Ifa makes God the source of creation, not just the head of it.

What does all this mean to the modem Ifa practitioner?

In my view Olodumare is perfect stillness. Olodumare contains the irresistible desire to become. Olodumare can never be known because there is nothing separate from it.

The Universe has grown and evolved from the instant of the big bang. The evolutionary impulse is irresistible. From the deepest, stillest, part of ourselves it calls us to become more. Our destines express this need to move forward.

The Orisa, our Ori, and our ancestors, are all there to offer support, and guidance, on the journey. We may not know where we are going. We simply have to go. Life calls us in the same voice that screamed “Yes!” as the Universe exploded into existence.

We cannot pray to Olodumare. We can unite with Olodumare as the spark of life within us. Since our ancient origins we have been on a  journey of becoming. We are pulled forward by the desire to evolve.

Do you feel God pulling you? I’d love to hear why, or why not.

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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

The Back to Life as Usual Blues

Are you feeling the pressure as summer draws to a close and life ramps back up? Here are some tips to deal with a very stressful time of the year.

For some of us the beginning of September is filled with shopping and coping as we, or our children, head back to school. This can be somewhat of a relief, but, at the same time can present challenges for you and your kids. Everyone can end up stressed out.

Fo some this is simply a time when the “let it slide” attitude of summer is replaced by tight deadlines.Whatever the case may be most of us are taking on more.

One of the things that can really help is remembering that you were able to handle life before the summer. Look at your schedule and see where some “useless” time slipped in. Reclaim that time now, as your schedule gets more intense.

How did your pre-summer schedule work for you? Look for things that could be improved. Can your life run more efficiently? Take this opportunity to get back into the swing of things in a healthier, more productive, way.

You may discover that your schedule needs a complete overhaul. Re-thinking it will consume some time. It will also get you focused on the things that are really important. Organizing your life will always help you release the stress.

Make your improved schedule about priorities. Be honest about what need to get done. Start with the big chunks first. How much time to you need to allocate to your job? How much for school and other non-negotiable commitments? Your family? Never forget to get some time in there for self-care, exercise, meditation, yoga, whatever you do to keep stress levels at a minimum. Once you have the big ticket items dealt with you can develop a base schedule that will save you time every day.

Don’t sweat the details. You’re better off dealing with them at the start of your day. Each morning, or maybe the night before, make a list of the big ticket items that have to get done, then create a detailed task list for the day. Then, all you have to do is work the plan. Remember to be flexible. Build in some time for the unexpected.

Before you know it you’ll be back in the swing of things, getting stuff done, and finding some time for yourself that you didn’t think you had. Do you find this time of year challenging? I’d love to hear why, or why not.

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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Truths to Live By: No fear

 In this post we’ll explore fear, where it comes from and how it has been used to control you. In our benevolent Universe Ifa tells us that there is no need to fear.

Fear is a basic animal impulse. It is the flight side of the fight or flight response. It prepares us to run from predators. When you are being chased across the savannah by a lion, fear is very useful. When fear is used to keep people in line, it is dis-empowering. It can  rob us of will and compromise our destinies.

Pain and difficulty are part of life. We can neither deny, nor avoid them. They are often a source of dread. We must learn not to fear the unpleasantness of life. Misfortune and difficulty are temporary.

Look at challenging times with a longer-term perspective. The Universe is always sending us exactly what we need in order to fulfill our destinies. The more quickly that we can embrace the lessons, the easier it will be for us to move on. Accept hardships because they bring growth.

Our other great fear is death. The Yoruba did not fear death. They understood that this realm is simply a place that we visit. Our natural state is boundless, timeless, energy. We are here for experiences that can only be had by limiting ourselves.

Our culture is obsessed with youth. We under-value the wisdom we develop as we grow older. We do not understand the different roles that we play as we move through our lives.

Fear of growing is the most illogical of all human fears. We all chose to be here. That choice included growing old, and dying. The loss of youth, the wrinkles, body fat and everything else that comes with it, is balanced by maturity, wisdom and spiritual insight. We should do everything we can to stay healthy so that we can live long productive lives. The pointless pursuit of youthfulness in not helpful to our growth.

Have you made a journey out of fear? How has it been for you? Do you believe that we are meant to live without fear? I’d love to hear why or why not.

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Monday, August 27, 2012

When Friendships are Over

There comes a time in any relationship when we must ask ourselves if the other person belongs in our lives.  I was inspired to write this by a post on one of my favourite blogs. The topic was “unfriending” people in the real world. It is something that I’ve often struggled with.

People grow and change. Along with the shifts come new perspectives, new ideas, and a deeper and more profound dedication to good character. At some point we will all have a friendship that doesn’t fit.

Let’s look at friendship from the perspective of character. Maintaining good character is not easy. One of the most difficult parts is dealing with others’ bad behaviour.

If you start to feel uncomfortable with someone it is important to look at why. Once you have understood the reason, take a good look at yourself. Sometimes the “bad” we see in other people is about issues inside ourselves.

If you discover that you have some work to do,  take care of it. Explore yourself with openness and acceptance. Let the friendship ride for a while. When you’ve dealt with your issues its time to take a serious look at the other person.

Part of good character is not tolerating bad character form others. I let a close friend go a few years ago. They were always kind and respectful to me, but, their behaviour towards the other people was terrible. As I pulled back I started to receive the same treatment so many others had. It was no longer possible for me to remain in that friendship.

How you handle the “breakup” is a tough question. In the early stages of a friendship,  just let the relationship fade. Once you have a closer bond its best to address your concerns. There is always hope for change.  Be prepared to get shot down. If they resist simply make your point then let things be. Allowing the relationship to end naturally is the best course of action.  If they won’t let go tell them you aren’t willing to have them in your life anymore.

If they are open discuss how you’ve seen the behaviour play out, then be willing to help them work on it. Be open to feedback they may have about your own issues. Work on things together.

Have you ever struggled to let go of a friend. How did it go for you? Were you happy with the result? I’m interested to know why, or why not.

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Check out Craig Harper's inspiring post.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Turths to live by: The Benevolent Universe

What we believe forms the foundation of our life. Are your beliefs making your life better? Supportive beliefs form the basis for a good life. One of the toughest shifts is moving out of fear. The sixteen truths of Ifa can help you move from fear to confidence.

In Ifa we believe that the Universe is benevolent and was created by a benevolent God. The natural world provides the evidence. Everything works in a seamless, perfect, order. At times, life is challenging for many species, but, life is sustained and continues.

Things become more complicated when we look at human beings. We live on a perfect self-polluting, self-healing planet. It seems that we are making a mess of it. Our viability as a species is at stake. Whenever we have grown from one level of consciousness to the next we have faced this kind of crisis.

We are taught that we are imperfect, that we are born in sin, that while each of us contains a spark of the divine we must avoid temptation or face hell. These rules used to be necessary. They provided structure and overcame barbarism. Today, they serve to undermine growth. We are unable to take responsibility for our own lives. They leave us unhappy, fearful, and incapable of evolving.

If we assume that God is a benevolent consciousness, if we choose to believe that we are an inseparable part of God, then we are able to seek joy, work to better ourselves,  and become protectors of our lovely planet. We can position ourselves as part of the perfection that we see all around us. We can strive to become more, to evolve, to care for ourselves, other human beings, and the Universe that we are part of.

In this almost limitless realm of experience, what we choose to believe becomes our reality. If you decide that God is benevolent the world will become a better place for you. It is the best possible choice. Do you experience the Universe as benevolent? I’d love to know why, or why not.

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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Stressful summer?

Is summer creating stress for you? Don’t worry.  You’re not alone. As the beautiful weather hits the northern hemisphere, patios are filling with locals and tourists. It sounds idyllic. The sudden rush to do things can make this season challenging.

If you are a parent you are dealing with children who need to be occupied when they aren’t in school. Everyone’s social schedule has gone into over-drive. You are pushing hard to meet pre-vacation deadlines. You are eating more, drinking more, and likely getting less sleep.

It is possible for fun to be stressful. Like everything else enjoyment must be kept in balance. Our time in the sun is short. People feel pressured to get as much time outside as possible before the seasons turn. I just finished a two week period without a single free evening. It’s been a good time,but, I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed.

What to do? Take stock of your schedule. Understanding the commitments you have can help put things in perspective. Figure out how much time is already spoken for. Don’t forget to set aside time for the things that replenish you. Moving your exercise routine outside can really help. It is a perfect way to feel like you’re not missing out while taking care of yourself. 

Now that you know how much time s spoken for.  Take some time to think about what you’d like to do with what’s left. Even if you are in a relationship, or have a family, do this on your own first. Be honest. Write it down. If you’re on your own. You’re done. Execute your plan and be flexible enough to accept social invitations if they appeal to you.

If there is someone else in the picture it’s time to negotiate. Set the stage by finding the things you both want to do. That way you’re starting on a positive note. Then, start looking at the  priorities you both have, Do you both need some alone-time to enjoy the good weather? Take it. Fairly allocate whatever is left so that everyone feels honoured and supported. Appreciate your partner’s willingness to do things for you by reciprocating. Say no to social invitations that you would rather not accept.

Keeping your time under control is always one of the best ways to de-stress. This social time of the year is one of the best to learn how to keep things in balance by saying no. Is summer stressing you out? Let me know why, or why not.

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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Being You: Why does it matter?

For the past several weeks we’ve been exploring different personality types. These types come from the ancient African philosophy, Ifa. I hope you’ve enjoyed the posts. Exploring the archetypes is interesting. It can give you insights into why people work the way they do.

Seeing yourself reflected in the guardians can be very affirming and freeing. It is also important to find balance while honouring your essence. When we accept our own way of moving through the world, we are empowered to build a life based on our deepest values. We can live in a way that supports our purpose. For some it inspires a journey of self-discovery. For others it gives an encouraging push in the right direction.

Seeing other personalities reflected in the archetypes can help you appreciate other people. You can understand those who are the most different from you.  As you read the posts I hope you were able to recognize some of your friends and family in the descriptions. Perhaps you to became more at ease with traits that you may have found disturbing before.

Just as nature maintains balance, the Universe balances our species. The different qualities of the Guardian Energies are there for a reason. They are a brilliant expressions of human diversity. The diversity that has made us a successful species. 

Today we face global crises that need our focus. We have to use all of the resources  available from these different types if we are going to make the changes that we need to. Together we can work towards a healthy happy world for the future.

There are some less common types that are starting to emerge more regularly now. If you know someone who hasn’t fit the mold I’ve presented so far, let me know. I’d love to explore it with you. Perhaps you’re even one of the exotic types yourself.

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Thursday, July 5, 2012

Being You: Do you create order out of chaos?

Do you need order? Times of chaos can bring us the most potential. Striving to organize the world is a great goal, but, f you go too far you could compromise on your growth. Change is a necessary part of life. The disorder that accompanies it is often the hardest part. See the potential before you start organizing. Get into the driver’s seat.

That helpful person who just organized your spices is probably a child of Oko. Oko’s can seem obsessive. They are all about organizing. They can find order in unlikely places. They can protect with a scorpion-like sting.

Do you know someone who can effortlessly keep their busy world organized? They are always seeing better ways to structure things. They make plans and can explode if their plans aren’t followed. They can see the inherent order in the madness of life. You have just encountered a child of Oko. Perhaps you are one yourself.

Many people focus on the dangerous scorpion-sting of this energy. It is really about creating order. It can be hard to keep your temper in check when everything you’ve worked to create is under threat. Okos need to learn that chaos is necessary so that higher orders can emerge.

The flow of things is constantly interrupted. The cycles are crucial for life to evolve. As an Oko your drive to make sense of your world can be hard to contain. Find peace in times of chaos to discover the most opportune moment to reinstate order. Then, your world will function at higher and higher levels. You can get things organized and thoroughly planned. You can show us all how to keep our projects and our lives running smoothly.

I love the Okos in my life for their focus and their ability to see the inherent order in any system. They are excited to get you organized. It can be hard to get them to ease up as they dive into your closets, junk drawers, and even the back seat of your car. Their passion for ordering your world can be intimidating and amusing. It is always meant as a gift. If you need help getting rid of the clutter, a child of Oko can help. If you’re having trouble making sense of what’s going on around you an Oko can see the patterns and help you find your way.

Have you ever see an Oko passionately defending their need for order? Did you try to join in to get a better understanding? Perhaps you think you are an Oko yourself. I’d love to hear why, or why not.

Connect with Brian

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Being You: Are you open to the possibilities?

Are you always exploring what life has to offer? The world is full of potential. Making choices is the only way to benefit from it. If you just celebrate the possibilities you may never accomplish what you’re here to do. It’s hard to stay focused when there’s always so much more to explore. The best way to approach your never-ending curiosity is to slow down and think about the impact you want to have.

That trickster who is always ready with another joke is probably a child of Esu. Esus can seem immature, and unfocused. They are really about exploring possibilities. Their intense curiosity and quick minds allow them to learn just about anything. They can open you up to potential that you didn’t know you have.

Do you know someone who moves through the world with child-like enthusiasm. They are always looking for new things to learn and explore. They seem to embody wisdom and innocence at the same time. They are always ready to hit you with a practical joke. You’ve just been touched by a child of Esu. Perhaps you are one yourself.

Many people over-focus on the child-like nature of this energy. It is really about limitless curiosity and potential. It can be difficult to stay focused when you see possibility all around you. Esus can use their powerful curiosity to dive into a subject with zeal. They can show us the potential in a situation even when we feel hopeless.

The world has so much to offer. It can be difficult to stay still when you might miss something interesting. As an Esu your powerful curiosity and boundless energy can be hard to contain. If you can engage for long enough you have what it takes to learn anything. You can bring the excitement of newness into dull situations. You can show us all the possibilities that we are missing.

I love the Esus in my life because they inspire me to see what can be. They are always on the move. They are enthusiastic about taking you on a journey with them. It can be hard to get their attention, but, once you have it,  they can explore you with intimidating intensity. They can inspire laughter and hope. If you feel stuck an Esu can help you find a way out of any situation. If you have reached the end of your rope a child of Esu can show you the potential solutions to any problem.

Have you ever seen an Esu chasing delightedly after something? Did you try to catch up and follow them on their quest? Perhaps you think that you’re a child of Esu. I’m interested in knowing why, or why not.

Connect with Brian

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Being You: Do you flow with the wind?

Do you come in like a gentle breeze and turn into a hurricane? Understanding the force of the wind is the way to get it working for you. Harnessing its power is vital. If you don’t you may be swept away with every gust. There are times when we just can’t seem to stay focused. So many shifts are happening that we aren’t sure what to do next. The secret is do get grounded and calm so that we can take advantage of the power of change.

That temperamental, wild, creature that just flew into the room, ten minutes late, is likely a child of Oya. It may seem like they are always caught in a whirlwind. Oyas can turn wild gales into refreshing breezes. They can create any kind of change you can imagine, and some you can’t.

Do you know somebody who can never sit still? They likely move from one project to the next, without finishing. Their temper is quick and violent but seldom lasts very long. They never back down from confrontation. They find it hard to keep people in their lives. You have just had an encounter with a child of Oya. Perhaps you are one yourself.

Many people over-emphasize the chaos that accompanies this energy.  In reality, it is about sudden change. It takes courage, and resolve, to switch directions, trusting the wind to carry you forward. The Oya uses confidence to create the changes they need and keep their feet on the ground. They can show us what we need to shift, and how to make it happen.

When you are invested in constant change it can be difficult to build anything. You need variety so that you can reach longer-term goals. As an Oya, you are powerful and opinionated. Harnessing that power enables you to help others change and grow. Once you learn to sit at the centre of the storm you can come into your power. Even at the most chaotic times our core sits quiet and undisturbed. Diving to this core is your gift if you work to evolve as an Oya.

I love the Oyas in my life because they keep me on my toes. Never resting for long, they push all of us to move and grow. They fly through your life quickly. It can be hard to connect. They will always leave seeds of change for you to plant and tend. They are the great initiators. They leave others to do the work of implementation. If you need some fresh ideas connect with an Oya. If you need to fearlessly face the winds of change an Oya can show you how to deal with a hurricane.

Have you ever experienced the power of one of these wild creatures as they shift? Were you carried away in their whirlwind? Do you think you might be a child of Oya?  I’d love to hear why, or why not.

Connect with Brian

Being You: How's your character?

When you can sell sand in the desert it is even more important to act with good character. Your character is what determines your results.

That social, silver-tongued dynamo over there is probably a child of Sango. With all that fire and charisma they’re hard to miss. Sangos can convince anyone to give them exactly what they want. Their energy is really about developing good character. When their drive is applied to questionable ends the results are always disastrous.

Do you know somebody who is always on fire? They’re a real extrovert, with the gift of the gab. They seem impossibly confident. They could sell anything to anyone. You’ve probably spotted a Sango. Perhaps these qualities describe you.

Sangos are brilliant strategists with almost boundless passion. Their strategies need to be executed with good character in order for them to see long-lasting results. Children of Sango always present the best possible view of themselves and their achievements. It can  make some people uncomfortable. A little creative embellishment makes life more interesting for the Sango. When they couple their strategies with solid thinking, and good character, they can accomplish anything.

Developing good character can be a challenge when you can mold situations to suit you.  When you act with good character you create positive results for everyone. The alternative is to have your life fall into ruin once you have wandered too far off your path. One of the best ways to experience what’s possible for you is to volunteer. Get involved in strategic planning for your favourite charity. Maybe even lead the board. Seeing how much difference you can make will help you realize just what you’re capable of.

I love the Sangos in my life for their fire and passion. They really get how people work. They can find efficient ways to get things done. They can show the rest of us how to put our best foot forward, so that we can accomplish our dreams. If you’re feeling stuck, connect with your passion. It will generate the energy you need to get moving.  Focus on all the reasons the world needs you. Develop the strategies to make your life a success.

Connect with Brian

Monday, May 14, 2012

Being You: Do you nurture with purpose?

If you nurture without intention you may end up being a doormat. Focus your strength on growth and independence. Nurturing is a lot like good parenting. It is important to offer support and encouragement, but, growth and development are always your most important goals. Most of us have experienced what happens when children are coddled. Mis-use of nurturing energy teaches irresponsibility and stunts growth. It most often goes without appreciation.

That soft, mesmerizing, creature who seems to float through the room is likely a child of Yemonja/Olokun. On the outside they may seem weak. Like the ocean, they have surprising depth, and shocking ferocity. When their support is coupled with lessons, growth can’t be far behind.

Do you know somebody who treasures their home? They probably seem as concerned about other people’s children as their own. They are gentle by nature but fiercely protective. Their tempers are slow to rise, but, like a tidal wave, leave nothing standing. You are experiencing a child of Yemonja/Olokun. Perhaps you are one yourself.

Many people over-emphasize the soft, nurturing, nature of this energy.  The real point of this energy is growth. Through the nurturing and lessons they bring Yemonja/Olokuns foster development and independence in those they touch. They really shine when it’s time to teach life’s hard lessons. They are stern but fair.  They expect appreciation and nurturing in return.

When you are a gentle and caring soul, it can be hard to be strict when it’s needed. Without balance you may give too much. The results can be exhausting. If you apply your support, along with some solid advice, the people around you will learn and grow. If you reach down to the powerful pool of Olokun energy, you can find balance and take your place in the world.

I love the Yemonja/Olokuns in my life for the soft approach they bring to living. They understand the importance of being gentle as well as being strong. They powerfully defend those they love. They can show us how to be caring and tough at the same time. They know how to accept and encourage independence in others. If you need a supportive push this is the energy to do it. If you need help figuring out how to deal with an unruly teen, find the nearest Yemonja/Olokun.

Have you ever experienced the fury of one of these gentle souls when their anger has been triggered? Did it shock you? Do you think you might be a child of Yemonja/Olokun?  I’d love to hear why, or why not.

Connect with Brian

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Being You: Do you have clarity?

In order to know what’s really going on we all need clarity. Being clear depends on being calm and keeping a cool head.

The first thing most of us notice about an Obatala is their mind. The Obatala energy is really about finding, and keeping, clarity. I’m an Obatala. As I wrote this I had to think about what Obatala people contribute to the world. What connecting with us, and our Guardian, can bring into your life.

Do you know somebody who is in their head all the time? They’re bit introverted with a dry sense of humour. They are easily annoyed but always searching for peace. If these qualities sound familiar you’ve likely found an Obatala. Perhaps you’re one yourself.

The Obatala is always searching for the peace that results in clear thinking. They can’t just escape into their head. During a fight a woman who needs space to sort out her feelings is a typical Obatala. Her partner may feel abandoned, but, she needs to think about her feelings before she can deal with them. All that thinking can get you running in circles. Real understanding requires a balance between the emotions, and the mind. When our hearts and intellects are in sync we have sound judgment.

All this focus on the mind makes it harder to care for the body. We must consider our physical well-being as we experience life. In order to live productive lives we need to be strong. Our physical health is critical if we are to to achieve our destinies. Some Obatalas totally ignore the needs of their bodies. Make no mistake, this will catch up with anyone, eventually. Exercise time can be a great way for an Obatala to get the alone time they need. A great way to sort through a difficult situation is a long, quiet walk.

I love the Obatalas in my life for the perspective they provide. They are keen observers. They can figure out where conflicts are coming from. They can also stay calm when emotions are running high. Next time you need some advice, or clarity, spend some time with an Obatala. If you’re looking to bring some balance into your life remember that peace and calm are your gateway to clarity. Practicing long, deep, breathing is one of the best ways to clear your head.

Connect with Brian

Monday, April 2, 2012

Spring cleaning: What can you let go of?

It’s Spring. The reason you’re holding on to things may be the emotional baggage attached to them. Out with the old.

As you switch wardrobes and lifestyle it’s a great time to look at your old stuff. Ask yourself why you’ve held on to it for so long. Look at all those things that have sentimental value. Consider the sentiment attached. If you have a negative charge associated with anything, explore the emotion. Are you are keeping things to remind you that you still have some work to do?

While cleaning out a drawer full of things I never use I came across a  couple of items that had been given to me. One of them reminded me of an old friend. We’ve lost touch, but, I hope he is having a wonderful life.

The next item was more complicated. It was a gift that was made for me by someone who broke my heart. When I found it I got a lump in my throat. The relationship had been over for many years but I had never fully let go.

I held it and connected to everything that it represented to me. I declared my intention to move through my pain. Then I threw it into a public bin. It was difficult. I felt like I was letting go of all the good memories from an important time in my life.  Doing it started a challenging process of remembering, then healing, then completion. What are you hanging on to that holds you in your old emotional patterns? Perhaps it is time to let it go.

Connect with Brian

Monday, March 19, 2012

Being You: Are you keeping your heart open?

In this post I explore the Ogun’s big heart. Many of us see the hardworking, honest and dedicated Ogun and don’t even notice one of the most important traits, the Ogun heart.

If you pride yourself on how hard-working you are,  you have likely chosen Ogun as your Guardian. Honesty is extremely important to you. Your ability to focus inspires those of us who get pulled off track. Your sensitivity is something that you may be reluctant to share.

Oguns can show us how to connect with others. The reason for this is their big, open, hearts. People feel safe and welcomed because Oguns really care about them. They connect with an openness and honesty that sets even the most introverted person at ease.

In our world of shut down hearts it can be hard to find a safe place for an Ogun to be themselves. Some of my Ogun clients want me to help them be less emotional and caring. I prefer to help them embrace themselves. Boundaries can let them express their grounded innocence. Their embracing personalities are a valuable part of our world.

How open is your heart?  It is important for everyone to balance the need to work hard, to be doing things, with time to connect with others on an emotional level. A strong work-ethic will certainly serve anyone well, but, it is equally important for us to feel that the work we do is valuable. The Ogun energy teaches us that our work must be a worthwhile use of our powerful and focused effort.

Many Oguns judge the contributions they make by the effort that they put forward and what they produce. I like to shift that focus to their open, accepting nature. As an Obatala I admire the loving and straightforward approach of the Oguns in my life. They inspire me to come out of my shell and to connect deeply and honestly with others. I think that is the greatest gift that the children of Ogun have to offer our world.

Connect with Brian

Monday, March 12, 2012

Being You: Are you expressing your joy?

In our cookie-cutter world many of us find it hard to express our true nature. Expressing our deepest selves is the most important thing we can do in life. In Ifa we believe that each of us chooses a guardian energy, an energetic way of filtering our experiences and expressing ourselves. We made our choice because it was the one that will most likely allow us to fulfill our purpose.

In this post we’ll explore the personality traits associated with Osun, the energy of joy. If you chose Osun as your guardian it is very important for you to have joy in your life. Find joy by being curious and exploring all the good things that the world has to offer. Osuns have a great desire for pleasure. They are very sensual people. They also love to be in love. If these traits resonate deeply with you then you are likely a child of Osun.

How are you doing expressing your joy? Many of my Osun clients struggle against themselves, trying to fit in and take life more seriously. Most Osuns don’t find a good, stable job, or a white picket fence, very attractive. They get very uncomfortable if they have to shut down their hearts and use their heads to make decisions.

Being one with this energy is about being in the flow of life. It is about being out in the world and enjoying yourself and sharing with others.  A job where you have the movement you need to keep creatively exploring is your best way to success.

As an Osun you have a great deal to offer the world. The more you can bring your whole self to the table the more opportunity the rest of us will have to experience and express more joy and love. As an Obatala I find Osun people inspirational. They help me to balance my serious mind with joy, and fun.

Connect with Brian

Monday, March 5, 2012

Is it all about money?

Each of us can make a  living doing something that expresses our uniqueness. We are meant to express ourselves, and our gifts, as a way of life. It can be hard to balance the need to make a living with the need to contribute. Sometimes I’ve felt like our society is set up to make those things mutually exclusive.

In order to break out of the current model we need to understand who we really are. The Ifa Life Path is a great way to deepen that. From understanding ourselves we can create a mission that excites us. Then we can start to look a how to use our unique gifts to help others.

Finding the energy can be a challenge. You may have to work at a job you’re not satisfied with to make a living. The drive you need can only come from your passion. If you create energy by igniting that passion you can discover a life that truly inspires you.

Nothing will happen if you don’t take action. Start thinking about what you love, what you’re good at, what you’d like to be doing with your time every day. Get really honest about it. Allow your mission to form. Give it time. It took me a very long time to get to the point of making a change, but, eventually, I made it. It was the best thing I’ve ever done.

Focus on what you want to give, the work you would like to do, rather than what you will get, the money you can make, by doing it. Take reasonable, logical, and sensible out of the equation for now. If you have something wonderful and unique to offer, and learn to communicate its value, you can’t help but succeed.

Be ready to give from your truth, openly, and passionately. You will find people who are ready for what you put on the table. If you make money the only point then you are simply buying into the old thinking that makes most of our dreams impossible to achieve.

Connect with Brian

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Is hard work always the answer?

Sometimes a more relaxed and curious approach will get you lots further than tackling an issue head on. Knowing the difference is key. Have you ever woken from a dream or meditation with a powerful emotion that you just can’t seem to shake? That happened to me recently. I realized pretty quickly that my normal way of dealing with things wasn’t going to help.

I was doing an ancestor connection and had a powerful memory from infancy. In the "memory" I asked my ancestors if I could just go back to the ancestral realm. I spent the first 11 months of my life in and out of hospital and in several foster homes. It was an overwhelming feeling of wanting to check out, of, "I didn’t sign up for this!" Everything worked out wonderfully. My life is nothing short of amazing now.

When I got up after the ancestor connection I felt intrigued. That quickly turned to despair. A recent reading had suggested I find peace and focus, to allow the energy of joy to assist me in releasing the powerful emotions I had brought up.

The last thing I was feeling was peace or joy. The whole Universe seemed to be set up to annoy and frustrate me. I just wanted to crawl back into bed and hide. My morning meditation just seemed to deepen the feeling of despair. But, I did sign up for this life.  Something as significant as feeling completely alone for the first months of my life has to play an important role in my destiny.

My usual approach of analyzing and then processing a problem (yes, I am an Obatala) wasn’t going to work. I needed to release myself to the current surrounding me and allow it to bring me the lessons I needed.

As I allowed myself to connect with the peace that was flowing around me, I was able to move beyond the emotions. Working hard and treating the emotions seriously would have made the feelings even more powerful. It was through peace and joy, as my reading advised, that I was able to find resolution.

Connect with Brian

Monday, February 20, 2012

Can't I just rest for a while?

In our never-ending quest for learning and growth a badly timed rest can mean moving backwards. As long as we’re alive we’ll be growing. Growth requires change. As we deepen our spiritual connection we are able to handle the process better.

After doing a big piece of work, life is great for a while. Then, chaos. Your fragile new world feels like it’s being ripped apart. It’s your signal that it’s time to grow again.

The new challenge has come too soon. You haven’t had enough rest. It is so tempting to fall back into old patterns. As an Obatala I’m great at thinking about what comes next while avoiding doing anything about it.  The Universe, though, is calling you forward.

It can be hard, disappointing, frustrating, but, the work you just did has made a much bigger shift possible. This may be the perfect time to push forward even if it doesn’t feel that way. Why else would the Universe bring chaos to you? It is Osa, the energy of sudden positive change, at work.

With the wind furiously blowing straight at you it might seem like an impossible struggle to continue on. But, if you don’t push through you will start to move you backwards. Not only will you lose some of the hard-won ground that you just gained, you will give even more power to the chaos.

It’s perfectly fine to feel sorry for yourself when you’re in this position. Get mad. Whine. Kick and shout. But whatever you do, keep on going. Have confidence that the Universe is taking care of you. The times of chaos are also the times that hold the greatest potential. You may only be able to see that potential once you’ve weathered the storm.

Connect with Brian

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Can fear be useful?

Many of us motivate ourselves with fear. This may be effective, but is it really good for us? One of the 16 truths of Ifa is, we need have no fear. This can be very challenging for anyone who has been brought up in an environment where fear of hell, karma, whatever, prevents bad behavior.

I was very relieved when I finally let go of my fear.  Shortly afterward I stopped taking my practice as seriously. As an Ifa priest, day to day work is critical to my growth. Over time I realized that I had been motivated by fear.

How else could I motivate myself? I started to look at the results in my life.  The more I ignored my work, the more I veered off path. Eventually I started to suffer.

That suffering was not caused by a vengeful Universe. It was caused by my refusal to meet the commitments I had made to my own growth. The result was that I began to miss opportunities. I began to stagnate. Eventually I slid backwards.

I was unable to cope with the stress I was creating in my life. I put pressure on myself to do things that didn’t align with my purpose. My relationships started to suffer. I began to feel lost and disconnected from myself. I was miserable.

An inspirational moment with my husband allowed me to see just how out of balance I had become. I realized that I had spent most of my life motivated by a fear of being punished for not achieving my destiny. I wish I had opened up and shared this with someone sooner.

We do our work because it is the most certain path to the love, fulfillment and success that are our birthright. The Universe is set up to reward good character in the long term. If you’re not happy with your life take a look at where your motivation is coming from. The Universe is benevolent. There really is no reason to be afraid.

Connect with Brian

Monday, February 6, 2012

Is your space supporting you?

I have always had a very powerful need for a safe, calm space to go to when my day is done. A recent renovation forced me into a space that wasn’t so supportive. I had no idea how challenging that was gong to be for me.  In many ways the situation was ideal, but, I never felt at home.

The space had been for sale for a number of years. It needed to be in “show ready” shape at all times. If you’ve ever lived for a period of time in a house that was up for sale you’ll understand how challenging that can be.

We discovered a lot of things that needed attention during our stay. Workers were in an out, often very early in the morning, disturbing the peace at the start of my day. It was a much noisier environment than I’m used to. I found it difficult to get a sound sleep.

I found it more and more difficult to keep up my good habits, the things that keep me grounded and happy. I began to feel like I had no space, no privacy. I became more moody as the weeks passed. I struggled to figure out what was wrong.

Once we were back in our renewed space everything shifted. It was almost miraculous. I felt calm and in the groove. I slept really well for the first time in months and was refreshed after far less sleep.

The experience showed me how important a supportive environment can be. How well is the space you live in supporting what you need to be happy and whole?  Take a look at your circumstances. Are you able to live the way you want to? What can you change in your environment that would make it more supportive for you?

Connect with Brian

Monday, January 30, 2012

To do-be-do or not to do-be-do?

I watched the most fascinating movie the other day called The Quantum Activist. It is an amazing quantum physics primer for anyone who is interested. It is a biographical documentary so it can be slow at times, but, it is well worth it.

It got me thinking about a great many things. Most important, if our lives are to be aligned, there must be a balance of doing and being. Too much of either is a problem. We need both to achieve our destinies.

Most of us get caught up in doing. Running from one task to another without ever taking time to rest, or be with ourselves. Too much doing causes us to disconnect form source. It separates us from the Universe, from nature, and from our fellow human beings. In a constant state of doing we are alone at the centre of a superficial world. Our lives can never bring us much satisfaction.

Some of us overemphasize the being part. They avoid participating in life. They stand by the sidelines, dreaming grand dreams. They believe that the Universe will manifest everything they want without any effort on their part. This is seldom the case. We are in physical incarnation. We need to do things  in the physical world,that are alignment with the Universe, in order to manifest.

In The Quantum Activist, Dr. Amnit Goswami proposes the perfect solution. Balance being and doing by alternating amounts of each. Honour your choice to be here, in the physical, while strengthening your connection to the greater whole.

Connect with Brian

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Is it time to make a change?

Last week I blogged about Osa, the energy of sudden positive change, expressed in nature by the force of the wind. In this post I would like to discuss another way in which we can align with this very powerful energy.

Sometimes we need to hold on and deal with the changes that come our way. At others we need to be proactive. We need to start shifts so that we can improve our lives.

Have you ever felt like you just knew you needed to make a change? The process often starts as a feeling that things aren’t quite right. That feeling is there to show you which areas in your life that are not working as well as they could. Osa will often show up at these very important moments to remind us that we can't to sit around waiting for change to happen. We must create change where it is needed.

If you realize that you need to shift something in your life, then the Universe expects you to start moving. Even the tiniest movement will allow the Universe to support you. It has the ability to turn the smallest steps forward into quantum leaps. But, it is still up to you to take those first steps. Another powerful, and equally important way that we can start to work with change energy, is to bravely move forward. Accept the assistance that the Universe provides. Change energy is wind energy. Wouldn’t you rather have the wind at your back, pushing you forward?

The Universe is benevolent. It is always there to support us. But, we are expected to be empowered and to act on our own behalf. When you realize that a fundamental change is needed in your life, move on it. Watch how the Universe helps you to move forward, perhaps more easily and quickly that you thought possible.

Connect with Brian

Monday, January 16, 2012

Is all change positive?

There are times in our lives when unexpected changes bring us joyful transition. Sometimes they feel more like a hurricane that shatters our lives. In Ifa, the energy of sudden change is known as Osa. Osa is always positive if we see it from a long-term view.

Regardless of how difficult change is, it is always there to bring you to the next, best, place for you to be. When unexpected shifts come our way it’s best to see them as opportunities. When we get perspective we can start to understand that change, as difficult as it may be, carries hidden potential.

For many people the loss of a job is the hardest unexpected change to face. Layoffs are a sad part of our lives. Short sighted companies believe that people are easily replaced. Job loss can happen at any level. Often for no apparent reason. It threatens the security of the person and their whole family and often leads to panic. Short-term thinking at this critical time can lead to disaster.

If you face this situation a little bit of savings to tide you over is ideal. If do not have them, then view your short-term plan to get food on the table as a band aid. Start to create a longer-term vision. Use this opportunity to make changes in your life that will bring you more happiness, growth an security. This can apply to any kind of change that you may be struggling with.

Welcome the winds of change. Work through the crisis. Let the change lead you to the brighter future that the Universe intended for you when it initiated the change.

Connect with Brian

Monday, January 9, 2012

Are we heading for the end of the world?

Happy New Year. For many people, 2011 brought some rewards but many serious challenges. Hopefully we’ve all been able to put the year behind us and are ready to move into 2012. This year promises to be healthier and happier. If you’re interested in the details please take a look and the 2012 Reading from the Ifa Foundation. For those of you who are interested in strengthening your alignment with the year’s energy take a look at the 2012 offerings.

Most of you are aware that a significant event takes place before the end of this year. The Mayan calendar is gong to conclude a long-count cycle on December 21st. To some this represents the end of the world. Not so to the Mayans, nor to me.

Many of us view the end of cycles with fear. I’ve always felt that we can look at transitions as an opportunity to start fresh. The Maya did not see the end of their calendar as the end of the world, but, perhaps, as the start of something new. A new world that will develop, over time, as it matures.

The world we live in will fundamentally change within the next couple of generations. It can no longer function as it is. We are living through the birth pains of a new order. There will be some chaos during the transition. Through chaos new ideas are born and new orders arise.

Every person alive today has the potential to affect the direction that this world is going to take. We must embrace this cycle of change so that we can create a new, better place for all of us. Our fear will only create more chaos and plant the seeds for another fear-based world. The chaos brings opportunity with it. We can all have a hand in designing our new world.

Connect with Brian