Monday, January 16, 2012

Is all change positive?

There are times in our lives when unexpected changes bring us joyful transition. Sometimes they feel more like a hurricane that shatters our lives. In Ifa, the energy of sudden change is known as Osa. Osa is always positive if we see it from a long-term view.

Regardless of how difficult change is, it is always there to bring you to the next, best, place for you to be. When unexpected shifts come our way it’s best to see them as opportunities. When we get perspective we can start to understand that change, as difficult as it may be, carries hidden potential.

For many people the loss of a job is the hardest unexpected change to face. Layoffs are a sad part of our lives. Short sighted companies believe that people are easily replaced. Job loss can happen at any level. Often for no apparent reason. It threatens the security of the person and their whole family and often leads to panic. Short-term thinking at this critical time can lead to disaster.

If you face this situation a little bit of savings to tide you over is ideal. If do not have them, then view your short-term plan to get food on the table as a band aid. Start to create a longer-term vision. Use this opportunity to make changes in your life that will bring you more happiness, growth an security. This can apply to any kind of change that you may be struggling with.

Welcome the winds of change. Work through the crisis. Let the change lead you to the brighter future that the Universe intended for you when it initiated the change.

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