Monday, January 30, 2012

To do-be-do or not to do-be-do?

I watched the most fascinating movie the other day called The Quantum Activist. It is an amazing quantum physics primer for anyone who is interested. It is a biographical documentary so it can be slow at times, but, it is well worth it.

It got me thinking about a great many things. Most important, if our lives are to be aligned, there must be a balance of doing and being. Too much of either is a problem. We need both to achieve our destinies.

Most of us get caught up in doing. Running from one task to another without ever taking time to rest, or be with ourselves. Too much doing causes us to disconnect form source. It separates us from the Universe, from nature, and from our fellow human beings. In a constant state of doing we are alone at the centre of a superficial world. Our lives can never bring us much satisfaction.

Some of us overemphasize the being part. They avoid participating in life. They stand by the sidelines, dreaming grand dreams. They believe that the Universe will manifest everything they want without any effort on their part. This is seldom the case. We are in physical incarnation. We need to do things  in the physical world,that are alignment with the Universe, in order to manifest.

In The Quantum Activist, Dr. Amnit Goswami proposes the perfect solution. Balance being and doing by alternating amounts of each. Honour your choice to be here, in the physical, while strengthening your connection to the greater whole.

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