Monday, February 20, 2012

Can't I just rest for a while?

In our never-ending quest for learning and growth a badly timed rest can mean moving backwards. As long as we’re alive we’ll be growing. Growth requires change. As we deepen our spiritual connection we are able to handle the process better.

After doing a big piece of work, life is great for a while. Then, chaos. Your fragile new world feels like it’s being ripped apart. It’s your signal that it’s time to grow again.

The new challenge has come too soon. You haven’t had enough rest. It is so tempting to fall back into old patterns. As an Obatala I’m great at thinking about what comes next while avoiding doing anything about it.  The Universe, though, is calling you forward.

It can be hard, disappointing, frustrating, but, the work you just did has made a much bigger shift possible. This may be the perfect time to push forward even if it doesn’t feel that way. Why else would the Universe bring chaos to you? It is Osa, the energy of sudden positive change, at work.

With the wind furiously blowing straight at you it might seem like an impossible struggle to continue on. But, if you don’t push through you will start to move you backwards. Not only will you lose some of the hard-won ground that you just gained, you will give even more power to the chaos.

It’s perfectly fine to feel sorry for yourself when you’re in this position. Get mad. Whine. Kick and shout. But whatever you do, keep on going. Have confidence that the Universe is taking care of you. The times of chaos are also the times that hold the greatest potential. You may only be able to see that potential once you’ve weathered the storm.

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  1. I just wrote about this today!

    I'm in the middle of my third (fourth/fifth??) big life change and each small step I take inspires me to take the next.