Monday, March 19, 2012

Being You: Are you keeping your heart open?

In this post I explore the Ogun’s big heart. Many of us see the hardworking, honest and dedicated Ogun and don’t even notice one of the most important traits, the Ogun heart.

If you pride yourself on how hard-working you are,  you have likely chosen Ogun as your Guardian. Honesty is extremely important to you. Your ability to focus inspires those of us who get pulled off track. Your sensitivity is something that you may be reluctant to share.

Oguns can show us how to connect with others. The reason for this is their big, open, hearts. People feel safe and welcomed because Oguns really care about them. They connect with an openness and honesty that sets even the most introverted person at ease.

In our world of shut down hearts it can be hard to find a safe place for an Ogun to be themselves. Some of my Ogun clients want me to help them be less emotional and caring. I prefer to help them embrace themselves. Boundaries can let them express their grounded innocence. Their embracing personalities are a valuable part of our world.

How open is your heart?  It is important for everyone to balance the need to work hard, to be doing things, with time to connect with others on an emotional level. A strong work-ethic will certainly serve anyone well, but, it is equally important for us to feel that the work we do is valuable. The Ogun energy teaches us that our work must be a worthwhile use of our powerful and focused effort.

Many Oguns judge the contributions they make by the effort that they put forward and what they produce. I like to shift that focus to their open, accepting nature. As an Obatala I admire the loving and straightforward approach of the Oguns in my life. They inspire me to come out of my shell and to connect deeply and honestly with others. I think that is the greatest gift that the children of Ogun have to offer our world.

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