Monday, April 2, 2012

Spring cleaning: What can you let go of?

It’s Spring. The reason you’re holding on to things may be the emotional baggage attached to them. Out with the old.

As you switch wardrobes and lifestyle it’s a great time to look at your old stuff. Ask yourself why you’ve held on to it for so long. Look at all those things that have sentimental value. Consider the sentiment attached. If you have a negative charge associated with anything, explore the emotion. Are you are keeping things to remind you that you still have some work to do?

While cleaning out a drawer full of things I never use I came across a  couple of items that had been given to me. One of them reminded me of an old friend. We’ve lost touch, but, I hope he is having a wonderful life.

The next item was more complicated. It was a gift that was made for me by someone who broke my heart. When I found it I got a lump in my throat. The relationship had been over for many years but I had never fully let go.

I held it and connected to everything that it represented to me. I declared my intention to move through my pain. Then I threw it into a public bin. It was difficult. I felt like I was letting go of all the good memories from an important time in my life.  Doing it started a challenging process of remembering, then healing, then completion. What are you hanging on to that holds you in your old emotional patterns? Perhaps it is time to let it go.

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