Monday, March 12, 2012

Being You: Are you expressing your joy?

In our cookie-cutter world many of us find it hard to express our true nature. Expressing our deepest selves is the most important thing we can do in life. In Ifa we believe that each of us chooses a guardian energy, an energetic way of filtering our experiences and expressing ourselves. We made our choice because it was the one that will most likely allow us to fulfill our purpose.

In this post we’ll explore the personality traits associated with Osun, the energy of joy. If you chose Osun as your guardian it is very important for you to have joy in your life. Find joy by being curious and exploring all the good things that the world has to offer. Osuns have a great desire for pleasure. They are very sensual people. They also love to be in love. If these traits resonate deeply with you then you are likely a child of Osun.

How are you doing expressing your joy? Many of my Osun clients struggle against themselves, trying to fit in and take life more seriously. Most Osuns don’t find a good, stable job, or a white picket fence, very attractive. They get very uncomfortable if they have to shut down their hearts and use their heads to make decisions.

Being one with this energy is about being in the flow of life. It is about being out in the world and enjoying yourself and sharing with others.  A job where you have the movement you need to keep creatively exploring is your best way to success.

As an Osun you have a great deal to offer the world. The more you can bring your whole self to the table the more opportunity the rest of us will have to experience and express more joy and love. As an Obatala I find Osun people inspirational. They help me to balance my serious mind with joy, and fun.

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