Thursday, July 5, 2012

Being You: Do you create order out of chaos?

Do you need order? Times of chaos can bring us the most potential. Striving to organize the world is a great goal, but, f you go too far you could compromise on your growth. Change is a necessary part of life. The disorder that accompanies it is often the hardest part. See the potential before you start organizing. Get into the driver’s seat.

That helpful person who just organized your spices is probably a child of Oko. Oko’s can seem obsessive. They are all about organizing. They can find order in unlikely places. They can protect with a scorpion-like sting.

Do you know someone who can effortlessly keep their busy world organized? They are always seeing better ways to structure things. They make plans and can explode if their plans aren’t followed. They can see the inherent order in the madness of life. You have just encountered a child of Oko. Perhaps you are one yourself.

Many people focus on the dangerous scorpion-sting of this energy. It is really about creating order. It can be hard to keep your temper in check when everything you’ve worked to create is under threat. Okos need to learn that chaos is necessary so that higher orders can emerge.

The flow of things is constantly interrupted. The cycles are crucial for life to evolve. As an Oko your drive to make sense of your world can be hard to contain. Find peace in times of chaos to discover the most opportune moment to reinstate order. Then, your world will function at higher and higher levels. You can get things organized and thoroughly planned. You can show us all how to keep our projects and our lives running smoothly.

I love the Okos in my life for their focus and their ability to see the inherent order in any system. They are excited to get you organized. It can be hard to get them to ease up as they dive into your closets, junk drawers, and even the back seat of your car. Their passion for ordering your world can be intimidating and amusing. It is always meant as a gift. If you need help getting rid of the clutter, a child of Oko can help. If you’re having trouble making sense of what’s going on around you an Oko can see the patterns and help you find your way.

Have you ever see an Oko passionately defending their need for order? Did you try to join in to get a better understanding? Perhaps you think you are an Oko yourself. I’d love to hear why, or why not.

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