Thursday, July 12, 2012

Being You: Why does it matter?

For the past several weeks we’ve been exploring different personality types. These types come from the ancient African philosophy, Ifa. I hope you’ve enjoyed the posts. Exploring the archetypes is interesting. It can give you insights into why people work the way they do.

Seeing yourself reflected in the guardians can be very affirming and freeing. It is also important to find balance while honouring your essence. When we accept our own way of moving through the world, we are empowered to build a life based on our deepest values. We can live in a way that supports our purpose. For some it inspires a journey of self-discovery. For others it gives an encouraging push in the right direction.

Seeing other personalities reflected in the archetypes can help you appreciate other people. You can understand those who are the most different from you.  As you read the posts I hope you were able to recognize some of your friends and family in the descriptions. Perhaps you to became more at ease with traits that you may have found disturbing before.

Just as nature maintains balance, the Universe balances our species. The different qualities of the Guardian Energies are there for a reason. They are a brilliant expressions of human diversity. The diversity that has made us a successful species. 

Today we face global crises that need our focus. We have to use all of the resources  available from these different types if we are going to make the changes that we need to. Together we can work towards a healthy happy world for the future.

There are some less common types that are starting to emerge more regularly now. If you know someone who hasn’t fit the mold I’ve presented so far, let me know. I’d love to explore it with you. Perhaps you’re even one of the exotic types yourself.

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