Thursday, May 31, 2012

Being You: How's your character?

When you can sell sand in the desert it is even more important to act with good character. Your character is what determines your results.

That social, silver-tongued dynamo over there is probably a child of Sango. With all that fire and charisma they’re hard to miss. Sangos can convince anyone to give them exactly what they want. Their energy is really about developing good character. When their drive is applied to questionable ends the results are always disastrous.

Do you know somebody who is always on fire? They’re a real extrovert, with the gift of the gab. They seem impossibly confident. They could sell anything to anyone. You’ve probably spotted a Sango. Perhaps these qualities describe you.

Sangos are brilliant strategists with almost boundless passion. Their strategies need to be executed with good character in order for them to see long-lasting results. Children of Sango always present the best possible view of themselves and their achievements. It can  make some people uncomfortable. A little creative embellishment makes life more interesting for the Sango. When they couple their strategies with solid thinking, and good character, they can accomplish anything.

Developing good character can be a challenge when you can mold situations to suit you.  When you act with good character you create positive results for everyone. The alternative is to have your life fall into ruin once you have wandered too far off your path. One of the best ways to experience what’s possible for you is to volunteer. Get involved in strategic planning for your favourite charity. Maybe even lead the board. Seeing how much difference you can make will help you realize just what you’re capable of.

I love the Sangos in my life for their fire and passion. They really get how people work. They can find efficient ways to get things done. They can show the rest of us how to put our best foot forward, so that we can accomplish our dreams. If you’re feeling stuck, connect with your passion. It will generate the energy you need to get moving.  Focus on all the reasons the world needs you. Develop the strategies to make your life a success.

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