Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Turths to live by: The Benevolent Universe

What we believe forms the foundation of our life. Are your beliefs making your life better? Supportive beliefs form the basis for a good life. One of the toughest shifts is moving out of fear. The sixteen truths of Ifa can help you move from fear to confidence.

In Ifa we believe that the Universe is benevolent and was created by a benevolent God. The natural world provides the evidence. Everything works in a seamless, perfect, order. At times, life is challenging for many species, but, life is sustained and continues.

Things become more complicated when we look at human beings. We live on a perfect self-polluting, self-healing planet. It seems that we are making a mess of it. Our viability as a species is at stake. Whenever we have grown from one level of consciousness to the next we have faced this kind of crisis.

We are taught that we are imperfect, that we are born in sin, that while each of us contains a spark of the divine we must avoid temptation or face hell. These rules used to be necessary. They provided structure and overcame barbarism. Today, they serve to undermine growth. We are unable to take responsibility for our own lives. They leave us unhappy, fearful, and incapable of evolving.

If we assume that God is a benevolent consciousness, if we choose to believe that we are an inseparable part of God, then we are able to seek joy, work to better ourselves,  and become protectors of our lovely planet. We can position ourselves as part of the perfection that we see all around us. We can strive to become more, to evolve, to care for ourselves, other human beings, and the Universe that we are part of.

In this almost limitless realm of experience, what we choose to believe becomes our reality. If you decide that God is benevolent the world will become a better place for you. It is the best possible choice. Do you experience the Universe as benevolent? I’d love to know why, or why not.

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