Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Truths to Live By: Our Symbioitc Relationship

Happy New Year everybody! All the best for 2013.

In Ifa we see ourselves as part of the greater whole of our lives, and of the Universe. We are a piece of all that is. We depend on it, and it depends on us. This week we’ll explore the implications of that perspective.

From our personal perspective we are dependent upon the rest of creation for our existence. Have you ever stopped to think about it? Having what we need for human life is nothing short of a miracle.

We have the right temperature to live in and grow food.  We have water to sustain us. We have an atmosphere that we can breathe. If even one of these things was out of whack we would not survive.

The gift comes with responsibility. We need to preserve the world that we are part of.  We are completely dependent on it. It has been here since long before our species was born. It is easy to take for granted.

Symbiosis is simple. Two organisms naturally work together in a non-competitive way, to support one another. Our free-will, makes it more complicated. We have to choose to work with the Universe and to act on its behalf. If we don’t then we risk destroying ourselves.

The bigger picture is also dependent on us. The Universe needs us, and our unique insights and contributions, in order to stay in balance. The Universe evolves through consciousness. We must understand our role as conscious beings, and step up to it.

We may be the first, and only time, that the Universe has become aware of itself through the consciousness of its own creations. It needs us to move that process forward by fulfilling the destinies, consciously evolving, then sharing our learning with our entire ancestral line iso that the process can continue.

As inspiring spiritual teacher Andrew Cohen puts it “Throughout history when we were in need we would pray to God for help. Now at the beginning of the twenty first century God needs our  help.” Do you feel like you’re in a symbiotic relationship with the Universe? I’d love to hear why, or why not.

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