Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Truths to Live By: Supremacy is Evil

In Ifa we consider supremacy evil. Believing that you are more valuable than another human being is clearly wrong. Supremacy can only be accomplished through oppression. We understand diversity to be the hallmark of God’s creation. Supremacy has no place in the Ifa world-view.

Oppression requires you to actively hold someone else down. It most often involves devaluing the things that make the other person different.

Distinctions are important. We need to understand the difference between good, and bad Without distinctions we can’t grow. We would have no way of knowing that something is better.

When we dislike people for anything other than bad character we are starting a downward slide. Systems that prohibit anyone from participating fully, as equals, are a problem.

In Ifa women are equal to men. Men and women receive the same initiation as Ifa priests. Men are referred to as Babalawo and women and Iyanifa. This is a difference in name only.

At the highest level, men receive Igba, and women Nanna.  Men are forbidden from Nanna, and women from Igba. However, these energies are equally powerful, and equally respected.

The point at which distinctions become supremacy is when someone is oppressed. I consider Ifa a highly evolved tradition. Christianity does not agree with a lot of Ifa principles. If I act against Christians because of that I would be wrong. I accept all other viewpoints that respect everyone’s right to their own.

Most religions engage in silencing opposing views. Atrocities have even been committed in the name of Buddhism. People of faith must take care to respect people from other traditions.

If someone does something that doesn’t directly harm anyone, how can it be in bad character? If you take issue with something, think about it. Are you reacting to unconscious programming? Think for yourself. You’ll find it easier to accept other people.

Have you noticed your very human tendency to act against people who are different from you? Have you been able to see it for what it is? I’d love to hear why or why not.

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