Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Taking Care

Being nurturing can be extremely important at times. Make sure that you spend some of that supportive energy on you too.

Balanced nurturing seems to something that many of us struggle with. Some people only understand how to help others. They give too much, often at their own expense.Other people are good at caring for themselves but can be so self-concerned that they forget other people.

Both of these approaches are inherently flawed. In order for nurturing to be balanced it must include care for both self and others. 

Being a caring person does not mean being a doormat. The people who you have supported should be willing to support you when you need it. That help can come in any form. It represents the other person’s willingness to give back as best they can.

We all have times when we’re tired, ill, or just don’t have a lot of energy. That’s when we need to rest, relax,  and get better. If we don’t we will end up exhausted. If we do it too much it can have serious consequences.

On the flip side are the people who take care of themselves but loose track of other people. They can be self-serving, or simply hide to nurture themselves. They can find it hard to relate to other people. They can become isolated and depressed.

Understanding how and when to focus your caring is critical. There are times when we must give energy to the people in our lives who need us. At others we must withdraw to rest and recuperate. The best approach is to care for yourself and get strong. Then you will have the energy you need to care for the others. Balanced nurturing will make everyone in your life stronger, more capable, and more independent. 

Do you use your nurturing strength to empower yourself and others? I’d love to hear your story.

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