Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Who Are My Ancestors?

Ancestor worship is a strange idea for most Westerners. It can be the most challenging part of Ifa for us. In Ifa, our ancestors are one of the three pillars we stand on. The other two are the eternal energies of the Universe (known as Orisa) and our Ori (our guide for destiny).

Ifa has a very strict definition of ancestor. An ancestor is a blood relative who has died. No exceptions. I am adopted. After my grandfather’s death I had a crisis. The idea that he was not my ancestor made me very uncomfortable.

I had a very deep ancestor connection one day.  I felt my grandparents’ presence. It created a powerful connection to my own ancestors. As I listened they explained the Ifa rules to me. I can communicate with, remember and honour my grandparents. They are still interested in my wellbeing. My grandparents have work to do with their own blood-lines. My ancestors are there to play that role for me. I didn’t fully understand, but, I was willing to accept what they were telling me.

I felt powerful emotions coming from my ancestors. I still get goose-bumps when I think about it. It is as if all of my ancestors reached out to my adoptive family with love and gratitude. It was beautiful and overwhelming. I realized that adoption has a profound effect on the ancestral realm. It is as if all the blood-lines have been linked through that love and gratitude.

My ancestors are grateful for my family having taken me in, loved me and supported me. My family and I share a piece of each others' journeys.  Adoptees have a unique perspective on another family. I wonder what that means as new generations of the families are born.

The experience has allowed me to make peace with my dead. I now have a more open connection to my ancestors. They have become an important source of spiritual support in my life.

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