Monday, November 7, 2011

How Important is Health?

In the Ifa philosophy, learning, wisdom and knowledge is most important. They are our chosen destiny. The second most important area is health.

Certainly without health it is impossible to fulfill our destiny. So why wouldn’t it come first?  Many of us choose health challenges as part of our learning and growth. The process of becoming ill and then recovering, or not, can be part of our destiny path.

Maintaining glowing health is a priority unless we need the experience of illness. Let’s assume that we are relatively healthy and that any health crisis we face is meant to be resolved. Achieving and maintaining optimum physical health is based on common sense. Eating well  includes large quantities of vegetables and fruit, whole grains, and healthy protein sources.

Each Guardian Energy implies a certain approach to diet, exercise and ideal weight. For some, spicy food may be a perfect way to keep the body cleansed and functioning well. For others, these foods cause digestive upset and other issues. When you face a health crisis, review your Life Path and Guardian Energy. Deal with the issue appropriately for your matrix.

We can only deal with emotional or spiritual issues once our bodies have been taken care of. Physical health comes first. Once we are in reasonable physical shape then we can start to deal with emotional and spiritual matters.

Spiritual health and emotional well-being support our growth while keeping us in balance. Dealing with our issues, in a way that is appropriate to our matrix, is the key to emotional health. It also requires us to connect more deeply with spirit. Keeping spirit and body in balance is a big part of the job. Too much of either will throw us off course.

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