Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Am I too Serious?

Am I too serious? This is a questions that you may often ask yourself.  It’s one that many of my clients ask me.  It is important to find balance our in order to have happy, fulfilled lives.

For many of us, taking life, and ourselves, too seriously can be a real problem. Focusing on what’s ahead of us or solving problems can rob us of the joy in simply experiencing our lives in the moment.

We all need periods of hard work, serious thought, relaxation and play. Each of these kinds of activities fulfill and enrich our lives. Our basic natures often lead us more in one direction or another. That is the way we are constructed and it is good to embrace our core by expressing it. It is important to recognize when our default behaviours are working against us.

I tend to over-think things and take everything in life very seriously. My readings often challenge me to do rather than think, to allow life to flow, or to embrace joy. My clients who naturally flow through life are sometimes challenged when hard work, or careful thinking, are needed. It is important to recognize when it’s time to push out of your comfort zone.

Here's an exercise try to figure out your default way of moving through life. Are you a thinker or a doer? Do you flow joyfully or rush from one thing to the next like the wind? Do you hunker down and work hard or plan for the most efficient result? Next time you’re struggling with a problem try the opposite approach. You may be amazed at the results you get. Embrace who you are, but, develop flexibility.  Being able to shift style when you need to will support your own happiness and growth.

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