Monday, November 28, 2011

Is it time to revamp your routine?

I’ve been thinking about a challenging couple of weeks I had this summer. We were starting a renovation and so had to move out of our space for a few months. Moving is always stressful. We had several places that things need to be moved to, both temporarily and permanently. That added some additional stress. The renovation is complete and I’ve settled back in at home.

Settling in to a new space is always the hardest part for me. I can handle the physical demands of the move pretty well but being in a new space is very disorienting. My routines get shaken up. Even my walk to work was completely different, adding its own level of challenge to my day.

It really got me thinking about routine and how easy it is for us to get stuck in a rut. As difficult as this transition period was, the challenge allowed me to integrate life in a brand new way. It was an opportunity to clean house. I looked at some things that may not support the bigger picture of my life.

From how my clothes are stored to the way I get back and forth from home to office; even having my car stored a long walk way from where I live created shifts in my everyday lifestyle. All of these things shifted the way that I move through the world. I reevaluated things when we moved back home. The old habits were broken and that the fragile new routine disappeared too. The move back was another opportunity to revamp my routine and my experience of day to day life. I’ve moved into a life that more closely reflects who I really am.

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