Monday, November 21, 2011

Coping with Change

We all know that managing change is a necessary thing in our lives. The pace of change is accelerating. We all need ways to deal with our ever shifting world.

There are many ways to deal with change. For the spiritual person, change is a road-sign on the path. Spiritual traditions around the world have always challenged their members to embrace change. We must face the changes in our lives with grace. Impermanence is part of our journey. Why would we have chosen to come into physical existence unless we needed that lesson? We are here to learn to deal with impermanence, in all its forms, including our mortality.

We are faced with another kind of challenge as we progress spiritually in our modern lives. We must take care not use our need to cope with change as another way to numb ourselves to life. It is easy for us to allow ourselves to become distracted by the next best thing, by the news about escalating political and environmental crises, by the very speed of the shifts that we are going through.

To deal with any unbalancing experience, spirit asks us to slow down. Sit in the midst of the chaos. Allow the winds of change to blow as we observe quietly form the centre of the storm. There is nothing essentially different about the changes that are happening now. They are just happening faster than they have before. We are the first generation to see things spinning this fast. It is important to embrace the lessons these shifts bring. Engage spiritually and find your place in the calm at the centre of the global shifts so that you can clearly see the path you are meant to take in our changing world.

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