Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Truths to Live By: Discrimination is Destructive

Prejudice is destructive to both the individual, and society. The only basis for judging others must be their character.

Discrimination is caused by a process called generalization.  Generalization can be very useful. It allows us to get into any car and run it. Otherwise we would have to learn to drive over and over.

When generalization isn’t used with caution it can get us into trouble. A blueberry is tasty and healthy. Not all fruits that have the colour and shape of a blueberry are edible. Belladonna is deadly.

We should question our generalizations before we act upon them. Many are based on ignorance and hate. Acting on negativity only brings more negativity into our lives. Incorrect thinking in a society can create oppression, even genocide.

Even positive generalizations can dehumanize people. They attempt to force an individual into a mould. This separates us from the real person, and creates a shallow relationship.

We are all unique pieces that are essential to the functioning of the whole. Fulfilling our destinies will move the entire species forward. In order to achieve our destinies we must express our personal energy. We need to work to be who we truly are. We should always express good character.  This allows us to help our species, and the Universe, evolve.

If someone has good character and we treat them badly anyway, we move everything backwards. The Universe is reaching forward. It calls us to move with it towards greater complexity, and greater integration. There is no room to make anyone less because they are not like us.

Can you see how generalization has led to prejudice in your life? Can you see that it is a valuable tool that can bring greater understanding? I’d love to hear why, or why not.

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