Tuesday, March 26, 2013


I help many of my clients build confidence. Letting go of fear is a big part of releasing stress and moving towards a better life.

Anxiety is a type of fear. Many people believe that they need their anxiety to give them an edge. They think that if they were to relax they would not be able to generate enough energy to get the job done.

Prolonged anxiety taxes your energy. It can led to serious long-term health issues.

Think about a situation where you worry or are anxious. If you can, choose one that is particularly important. The stakes should be high. You need an extra push to make sure you stay on top.

How much sleep have you lost in those situations? Have you made careless mistakes because you were distracted? If you were dealing with a customer, or client, how many times was your communication less effective because you were worried about issues that might not even have been there. These are some of the  impacts that anxiety is having.

 Anxiety is never positive. Healthy productivity comes from  motivation, and excitement.

Think about a project which excited you. You felt completely motivated by it.  You were confident in your ability to succeed. The situation gave you energy. It felt great to get up in the morning to see what developed. You were at the top of your game. Your confidence was contagious, it inspired those around you.

Coming from a place of confidence isn’t just more effective. It is also a lot healthier. It will build you up. Strengthen you. Encourage you to take bigger risks and push out of your comfort zone.

Don’t wallow in your anxiety. Deal with it. Look at what you are trying to control. Control is an illusion. Face your fear, sit with it, get calm.

Look at all the rational reasons that you can succeed. Build your confidence by remembering past successes. Allow that anxiety to fade. Create space for confidence and achievement. Watch your outcomes, and your life, get better.

Do you believe that you need anxiety to succeed? I’d love to hear why, or why not.

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