Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Truths to Live By: Never Harm the Universe

Part of good character is never harming the Universe that you are part of. As we grow, so does our character. Our understanding and application of this truth will grow with us.

Human beings develop along a similar trajectory. As infants we are completely egocentric. There is no world beyond us, our needs, our pleasures, and discomforts. We are the whole of our universe.

As we mature we move into the ethnocentric stage. At this point our orientation shifts to the communities we are part of. We identify with our race, ethnicity, and nationality. Our sphere of care expands to the group. Good character demands that we consider the good of the group.

If we move forward, we expand to a world-centric perspective. We  broaden our sphere of care to include human beings,  the planet, and its ecosystems.  We understand that we are essential to the world’s functioning. Every piece plays a valuable role. Good character demands the we care for ourselves, all humans, and all other species.

The next level is rare. As we push forward we experience the essential unity of reality. We start to become Kosmocentric. We see ourselves as a part of all that exists.  We extend our sphere of care even further.

For some this will be an expression of absolute compassion. These people develop to the point that they rest in the ground of being. They radiate peace and stillness. They work tirelessly to alleviate suffering and spread peace.

Others will explode forward. They identify with the energy, and intelligence, that created the Universe. It is an ecstatic compulsion to grow and move forward. To discover, and create, radically new things in the world. Their sphere of care moves into the future.

In both cases, harming the Universe, in any way, is unthinkable.

 As we develop and grow, good character demands the we deepen our practice of this truth. We can then use the power we gain to affect the world in a positive way.

Has your sphere of care expanded as you’ve grown and developed? I’d love to hear why, or why not.

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