Thursday, May 16, 2013

Success: What's Most Important to You?

Let’s take the next step in defining success and figure out what’s really most important to you.

You should already have a list of values. If not please get it ready here.

The values at the bottom of your list are the least conscious. They may be hidden, but, are usually the most important.

So how do you figure out what your most important values are? Why would you want to?

These values determine how you create success.  The highest, or most important, value has the most influence. The top five values and the driving force. The next five are strong influences.

To start ordering your list, look at each value. What is it about?

Next, ask yourself which is most important. How about second? Continue until you have a list of your top ten.

Be honest. See what you can learn. Start to understand what’s really driving you.

Take a break for a day to allow you unconscious mind to process the list. You can think about it but don’t get it out and make any changes.

Let’s refine your list. Look at each value carefully. Is it absolutely more important than the value below it? If you are certain great. If not, see if they work better in the opposite order. Change the order if you need to.  Continue until you have all your values in order.

This ordered list is called your Success Values Hierarchy. It is the process that you use to create success. In the next post in the series we’ll look at how getting these values working together will get you more of what you’re want.

As you consider your first value, do you like it? Are you comfortable with it as the driving force behind your success? I’d love to hear why, or why not.

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