Thursday, May 9, 2013

Truths to Live By: We Choose Our Destiny

Ifa is about  personal empowerment. We begin our journey on Earth fully empowered. We choose what we wish to learn in our life-time. This learning is our destiny. It is the primary goal of our time here.

We come here from the realm of the ancestors. We choose life here in order to learn things that we can’t  in the ancestral world.

Before we leave home we decide which experiences will be necessary to lead us to the wisdom we are looking for. Experiencing life is how we achieve our destinies.

Our destiny-choices are always big-ticket items. They are general. We need the flexibility to grow through any experience that we have.

Discovering the destiny path is part of everyone’s journey. We all forget the choices that we’ve made. By deepening spiritually, and aligning with our Ori , we can reach our destinies. Divination is a gift that the Universe gave us to help us stay on track.

If one of our destiny choices was to experience a variety of cultures, for instance. We could fulfill it through our career, travel,  or even living in a large city.  The fluidity is there to give us the best possibility of succeeding.

Remember that the Universe is benevolent. It consistently gives us information to help us move forward. We are usually the ones standing in our way. By holding on to negative emotions we can miss the clues that are meant to get us where we are going.

Our destiny journey is meant to be filled with joy and love. If we aren’t experiencing them it is time to make some serious changes in our lives. We will all experience challenges. Our joy will give us the strength, and resources, to face them. We will be able to maintain a positive attitude in the face of the greatest crisis.

Do you feel like you’re on your destiny path? I’d love to hear why, or why not.

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