Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Truths to Live By: Balance, Growth and Wisdom Provide Empowerment.

In Ifa balance, growth and wisdom provide your empowerment. Each of these values comes out of, and supports the other sixteen. I’ll cover them over several posts.

Balance is having each area of your life functioning in harmony.  It is about fulfilling ourselves by embracing all of life. Ifa readings can can help us find and maintain it.

We need to have both our everyday and emotional/spiritual lives working. This means dealing effectively with practical matters. Once our material needs are met we can then work to enrich our lives with positive emotional experiences and spiritual growth. Loosing sight of either of these areas leads to disastrous consequences for the individual, and society.

The six areas of life flow from the format of an Ifa Current Reading.  I have arranged them in order of significance.

Destiny is first. It is the primary reason that we are here. Fulfilling our destiny is the goal of life.. Neglecting destiny leaves us feeling purposeless and lost. Fulfilling it is a great challenge in a culture that doesn’t recognize its importance.

Second is Health. Health includes being fit physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Be the strongest, and most vibrant, person you can.

Third is Success. Material success is important and desirable, but, it is not the point of life. It is balanced on the emotional/spiritual level with fulfillment, and joy. This definition of success allows us to value more than the material.

Fourth is Relationships with people outside your family. This area is about anyone who is significant in your life. Both casual day to day, and  emotional/spiritual, relationships. It is about support, and partnership. It includes romantic connections. Imbalance in this area leaves you feeling isolated in challenging times.

Fifth is Family; blood relatives; and ancestors. It is about the journey that you are on together. You see a bigger picture that includes your ancestors, and your descendants. Building strong, supportive, relationships is equally important here. Focus on closeness with the people you live with, and deeper bonds that support you when needed.

The final subset is Victory. It is about how you handle the unexpected. It is having the resources you need to face the challenges that, inevitably, show up in your life.

All of these areas need attention. Sometimes life will make one more dominant. All should be working well. Focus your work on the ones that aren’t flowing.

Do you feel like you have good life balance? I’d love to hear why, or why not.

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