Thursday, July 18, 2013

Truths to Live By: Wisdom as a Key to Empowerment

The last aspect of the Ifa empowerment equation is wisdom. I would like to use this definition of wisdom from “knowledge of what is true or right coupled with just judgment as to action”.

In Ifa, destiny, our purpose for being here, comes down to the development of wisdom and knowledge. They are then shared amongst our entire lineage upon our return home. In order to develop wisdom, knowledge must come first. In order to develop knowledge we must be open to learning.

Everything that we experience in life teaches us something. Using our challenging experiences to live a better life is an important part of the puzzle. It is equally important to learn from our positive experiences. That way we can create more good in our lives. 

Knowledge comes from using our lessons to make our day to day decisions. Knowledge deepens as we use it, and see the results that we get. Always making adjustments as we deepen our understanding of the truth.

Wisdom is built from knowledge. In order for knowledge to become wisdom, it must be used in the broadest possible contexts. It must be applied, through time, in many situations. Our ideas of what is right, and true, must grow with us. Wisdom is a dynamic process, not a static goal.

Authentic wisdom also requires judgement. It is not enough to have the understanding. That understanding must be applied, with the best possible character, in order for our judgments to be correct. That is how our actions become just.

It is our flexibility that allows wisdom to deepen and grow. We can only develop it through experience. It is critical for us to be honest with ourselves about the impacts of our actions so that we can apply our wisdom in the best possible way. Where we see a difference between our highest realization, and our actions in the world, it is time to take a step back, and shift our behaviour to re-align.

Can you see how your wisdom has developed over your lifetime? I’d love to hear why or why not.

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