Thursday, August 1, 2013

Success: Positively Charging your Values

This is the final installment in the success series. We’ll look at “away-from” values and how to deal with them.

An “away-from” value is any value in your values hierarchy that has a negative charge. That charge is an emotion.

We must clear the negative emotion in order to remove the negativity, and transform this value into a “towards” value. Any emotional clearing technique will work. One excellent approach is the Sedona Method. It is a simple technique that is very effective for this kind of work.

Here is how to clear an “away-from” value:

Get conformable, make sure you won’t be disturbed.

Have your list of “away-from” values with you.

Work form the top of the list down.

Get in touch with the topmost away-from value, and with the emotions associated with it. See if you experience a physical sensation.

Your awareness is important, it helps “light up” the issue to clear it.

Use your favourite process to release the emotions associated with this value.

Once you’re done it is very important to check the “away-from”.

Ask your unconscious mind if the value is moving 100% towards what you want.

Pay close attention. If you get even the most subtle inkling that there is something left repeat the process.

Keep repeating this process until the value is 100% positive.

You’ve just transformed a value. Work through the rest of your list, until all of your values are pulling you in the right direction.

Most people feel lighter, and less conflicted, almost immediately after cleaning up their values. Was this the case for you? I’d love to hear why, or why not.

This is the last post in the success series. I hope you’ve enjoyed it. The ideas and techniques I’ve shared with you are just the tip of the iceberg. If you’d like to explore how we can use Neurolinguistic Programming to move your life forward, click here, or contact me form more information.

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