Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Relationships, Stress, and Opportunity

Whether beginning, or ending, romantic relationships create tremendous stress. They also present an opportunity to put our lives into perspective.

Times of great change are a source of stress for most of us. Our emotions run high. We add an extra layer of complexity to our busy lives.

Hidden under the stress is an opportunity for a more realistic view of what’s most important in our lives. There are more important things than our workaday routines.

The end of a relationship is clearly stressful, even if it is long over-due. We must deal with our emotions, restructure our lives, and think about moving forward. Most of us easily put aside work to deal with these kinds of personal crises.

The beginning of a new relationship is pure delight. Its highly charged emotions also create stress. New love can open up new outlooks on what’s important. We maximize the time we get to spend with the new person in our lives.

The source may be different. The potential for healthy new viewpoints is the same. Anything in our  personal lives that demands our immediate, undivided, attention can help us shift our attitude towards work.

The demands of our jobs don’t suddenly disappear because we are in the throws of change. We, correctly, place our personal lives at the top of our priority list. This shift of perspective is extremely powerful.

While in the midst of a shift it may be impossible to look at the big picture. Wait until things start to settle down. Then look at how much time you suddenly found. Do it before old routines start to take hold. Did your work suffer? Probably not. Did your business collapse? Of course not, you wouldn’t allow that happen.

Grab onto the time you’ve just found. Find something positive to do with it. Engage in a long lost hobby. Try something new. Spend more time with the important people in your life. Use your transition time to create a different kind of life for yourself.

Can you see the potential in using times of transition to create life-balance? I’d love to hear why, or why not.

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