Thursday, September 26, 2013

Ancestors: Not Entirely Human

   Connecting with our Neanderthal ancestors seems kind of out there. In fact, the average European, or Asian, DNA is three percent Neanderthal. Let’s explore our spiritual connection to these ancient cousins.

We used to think that Neanderthals were a completely separate species. Now, most scientists agree that they are our evolutionary cousins. Neanderthal physiology was extremely well adapted to cold climates. Which explains their prevalence in northern Asia and Europe.

The persistence of Neanderthal DNA has significance. We have ancient ancestors who were on a different evolutionary path. They have been preserved in us so that we can benefit from their unique experience. We first met in Asia, starting about 140,000 years ago. Our last mingling may have been as late as 40,000 years ago. They understood how to survive in harsh, cold, climates. They may be the reason that we learned to.

I went for a run last February in the mist, and drizzle, of a Vancouver winter. As II sank in, I was connected to  a current of powerful ancestral energy. It took me some time to realize that it wasn’t exactly human. I believe that it was my Neanderthal ancestors coming thorough.

As I ran, the world around me seemed to grow colder, more wild. I felt heavier but moved at a fast pace. I felt the mist on my face. I heard sounds form the ocean to my right, and in the forest to my left. It was a powerful connection to someone whose blood flows in my veins.

I have been trying to make sense of the experience for some time. Then I discovered our relationship to the Neanderthals.

Their ancestral energy is more intense, it sharpens the senses. You can honour your Neanderthal ancestors by placing bone carvings on your ancestor altar. I’ll be keeping my eyes open for something special to add to mine.

Can you see the significance of our connection to our non-human ancestors? I’d love to hear why, or why not.

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