Thursday, October 17, 2013

Ifa Initiation: Receiving Sango

In this week’s post I’ll be discussing the powerful experience of initiation. In Ifa we become priests of our Guardian Orisa. It is also possible to “receive” any, or all of, the others. Over the course of the last year I decided that it was time for me to receive Sango.

Sango is the energy of strategy. It can help us with creative thinking. I tend be serious and methodical. Thinking outside the box has always been a challenge for me. I have a powerful attraction to children of Sango. Perhaps I was looking outward, for connection to something I was missing.

I was planning a trip to the Ola Olu retreat centre in Florida. I decided to receive Sango while I was there. I confirmed that it would be highly beneficial in a reading.  I made arrangements to complete the initiation when many of my fellow priests could be involved.

In spiritual matters we often think that we are attracted to something for one reason then spirit makes it clear that it was happening for another.

I received the Orisa in a bloodless ceremony that used a powerful herbal potion, and the Ase the priests who assisted, in the place of the blood that might have been used in Africa or Cuba. The initiation was very moving. The effects were immediate.

A flash of understanding regarding the creative, and passionate, nature of the energy. Seeing the balancing feminine principle in Sango. Grasping the joy, and fun, that are part of this energy. Feeling my masculine, warrior, energy  coming to the surface.

The deepening was more of a surprise. Sango helps us see the truth. The energy can cut through falsehood, and smoke-screens. That aspect of the energy hit me like a storm.

I felt the energy calling me out on my stuff. Showing me that it is time to shift if I want to move forward. It was disturbing, uncomfortable, and very powerful.

Now I will spend time, up to a year, integrating my newly deepened connection to the energy of fire, and strategy.

What has your experience of the Sango energy been like? I’d love to hear.

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