Thursday, November 28, 2013

Face Everything

One of the key components in spiritual development is allowing yourself to face the truth. It is important to do this in a gentle, and self-nurturing, way. Recognizing your current state is meant to help you see where you can make changes, and foster the most productive growth.

But, what do you do when what you see something you don’t like? Take an honest look. The more gentle you are with yourself, the more easily you will be able to avoid a crisis. 

Right now, I want to be doing more in the world. The specifics are elusive. I am just starting to think that my Ifa Mentoring practice may not be able to keep me busy, motivated, and fulfilled in the long term.

Part of me feels like I am questioning a dream. That is disturbing. As I look at the time I have available, I’m trying to figure out what I can add that will allow me to feel even happier, and more on track with my purpose. I am looking for a way to expand the dream. To make it bigger. To give it more components. But, for now, I am starting to feel inertia.

Facing everything is about being honest with ourselves. It is about seeing our potential and living up to it. There will be times when you look at yourself and you cannot see the possibilities. That is perfectly fine. 

Know where you are. Understand where your feelings, and ideas, are coming from. Then gently push yourself until you start moving again. 

The light will return as soon as you let it. Get out. Get moving. Know that you will figure out your next step somehow, at some time, in the near future. For me, writing about things always helps. Just getting these words out has helped me to see some possibilities.

Have you ever faced something that seemed impossible and them overcome your paralysis  and started moving forward again? I’d love to hear about it.

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