Thursday, November 21, 2013

Your Guardian Ancestor

Our ancestors are one of the pillars upon which we stand. This week I’d like to explore our relationship with one particular ancestor.

Before you came here you made a number of choices: your destiny; your Life Path; and your Guardian Energy. At that time, you also chose a specific ancestor to be your guardian throughout your life. 

Our relationship with the Guardian Ancestor is more intimate than with the rest of the ancestral pool. Your Guardian Ancestor acts as guide, counsel, and representative to the rest of your ancestors. Your Guardian is a blood relative who passed before you were conceived.

Our Guardians were with us in the womb. They have witnessed all the details of our lives. They help us achieve our destiny. Even before we reach out, they send us messages through dreams, and intuitions. Sometimes, that inner voice of conscience  is your Guardian Ancestor. Once you start to develop a relationship with your Guardian the guidance gets stronger. 

You can have your Guardian read by an Ifa priest, but, even before you have the details you can  build the connection. The best way to build your relationship is through consistent work. Start calling on your Guardian every day. Light a single white candle beside a glass of water. Then ask your Guardian to communicate. Be still and allow it to happen.

Once you know who your Guardian ancestor is,  you can check names in your family tree to see if you can get more specific. Many people may not know the names of their ancestors. Some people have very ancient Guardians whose names will never be available. 

Having a name can make things flow better.  You can always choose a name. If you have a name you’d like to use, ask your Guardian if it is OK to use it. I have a client of Italian descent. She calls her Guardian zio, which means uncle in Italian. It has bee a great way to make their relationship more intimate. 

Your Guardian Ancestor is there for you all the time. You can call for help, or guidance, whenever you like. Your Guardian always has your back.

Have you ever felt the presence of your Guardian Ancestor? I’d love to hear about it.

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