Thursday, January 16, 2014

Ogbe - The First Energy - Then There was Light

Suddenly the perfect stillness is rocked by an explosion of light. Some call this moment the “big bang”. In Ifa, it is Ogbe the first energy. It is the blast of spiritual light that starts creation.

The creative process is never a calm affair. Creation is spontaneous. It is violent. It rocks the foundations of our consciousness, or even those of the Universe itself. The heat and light of the creative process bring a powerful intensity to Ogbe. It’s light is blinding. It’s Spirit changes everything. Ogbe is the energy of God creating. 

This powerful energy carries infinite potential. Everything in the physical Universe comes from it. Behind this energy, perhaps beneath it, is the Absolute. Ogbe is infinite movement. It is the energy and intelligence that created the Universe, and is creating the Universe. 

The process is guided. There is a preference for growth. The Universe is becoming more complex. Hydrogen was created in the initial explosion. It was left alone for almost 14 billion years. Eventually it became us. We are the leading edge of the process. Olodumare’s presence is everywhere. It is the process itself. 

Every new idea, every leap forward in consciousness, every new species, is a result of the first energy expressing itself.

Ogbe was responsible for simple life coming from matter. It then led to the development of complex life. It gave rise to intelligence, self-awareness, and culture. It has allowed conscious beings to reflect on the stillness it came from. It allows us to reach towards Olodumare. Ogbe is evolution rolling into an infinite future. Ifa, at its core, is evolutionary.

Ogbe calls us to the future. It asks us to align with the creative process itself. As we become more conscious, we become active participants in the process. We bring our uniqueness to the table. Our ability to connect with the deepest source gives us the responsibility to become active participants in the evolution of the Universe.

Can you see how you are a reflection of the creative impulse? Can you feel the pull to join in the process? I’d love to hear why, or why not.

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