Thursday, January 23, 2014

Oyeku - Into the Darkness

Creation implies duality. The heat and light of Ogbe, twin with the dark silent world of the ancestors. It is called Oyeku. Ogbe reflects the forward movement of the Evolutionary Impulse. Oyeku reflects the deep stillness of the Ground of Being. This aspect of infinity is the path to enlightenment.

Oyeku is dark, still, cool. It is absolutely silent. In Ifa we say that it is the place where our ancestors reside. It is just on this side infinity. Oyeku is place of rest, where our spirits exist as pure energy. No limitations exist there.  

There is still a connection to physical reality. The ancestors are interested in us. Just as Ogbe pulls us forward, Oyeku pulls us back. Our ancestors take us deeper.  They compel us to reach into the stillness, and discover it. Eventually we can unite with Olodumare, at rest.

I work with my Guardian Ancestor to delve into the stillness, and reach for enlightenment. This is the true nature of Oyeku. A path to the peace before the beginning.  Reaching for enlightenment is an important reason to build our relationship with the ancestral realm. The Guardian Ancestor is a particularly important part of this work.

In the ancient Yoruba stories there was a time when we could pass back, and forth, between the realms. We existed in a state closer to our ancestral energy. We need to forge a new type of relationship with the ancestors. One that will allow us to follow the connection back to unity with Spirit. This is the path of evolution in Ifa. 

By aligning with Oyeku, in this powerful way, our true Selves are freed. Our outer selves take their rightful place, in the back seat.  We can align our actions with Ogbe. We can reach into the future. Integrating ourselves with the dance of these two primal forces is our path to freedom. Oyeku and Ogbe form the practice, and goal, of Ifa mysticism.

Can you se how these potent forces are the path to our continued growth and evolution? I’d love to hear why, or why not.

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