Tuesday, March 25, 2014

The Odu - Owanrin - Controlling the Process

The creative process has never been a straightforward, orderly, affair. The Universe started with a violent explosion. As it expands outward, blockages, issues, catastrophes, create delays, and outright start-overs.

Owanrin, the sixth energy, is about the infinite patience that the Universe creates with.  It calls us to stay steady so that growth can occur. It is even more important when obstacles stand in our way.

While Irosun provided us with direction and values, Owanrin is the formula for growth. Being caught up in the ecstasy of the creative impulse doesn't naturally foster patience, nor caution. In fact, we can become so excited by the expansion forward that we recklessly run towards what’s next.

Ownarin brings the patience, and maturity, that we need in oder to move with the process. Embracing the ebb and flow of our growth. Using periods of slower movement to build strength. Growing understanding. Exploring where you are right now can be a valuable way to look at setting up the future. Pressures and difficulties are all there to teach us something. Learning from overcoming them is what sets us in the next positive direction. If we race forward too quickly, we may take a path that pushes us out of alignment. Owanrin cautions us to patience and perseverance. 

Owanrin also promises that forward movement will begin again. It provides hope. Growth and movement are inevitable. If we are able to keep the inexhaustible nature of the creative process in mind we can stay the course in difficult times. This can bring great rewards.. Alignment brings the full power of that force into our lives. It will push us forward. When we are ready. Towards the best possible future. If there’s a better possibility, why not wait?

Owanrin is a limiting force. It protects the values of the Universe. It ensures that the initial trajectory is preserved. It prevents things from moving forward too quickly. 

Can you see how the Universe limits your growth to make it more powerful? I’d love to hear why, or why not.

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