Tuesday, April 8, 2014

The Odu - Obara - Pushing Outward

Irosun, and Owanrin, provide structure to the expanding Universe. Obara, the seventh energy, pushes the agenda forward with drive and passion.

Obara is the first wisdom sign. It represents the Ifa priest, in divination. In the creative process Obara is forceful expansion. It compels the creative process to express the values introduced by Irosun. It provides breadth. 

Obara drives horizontal expansion. It supports new creations. It allows the Universe to become more complex and conscious. It is an energy that is continually, and forcefully, moving outward towards what’s new. 

In its quest forward Obara takes no prisoners. Anything that cannot flow with its passionate movement is left behind. Obara plants the seeds that provide novelty. It is the energy of initiation. 

Unlike the wild explosion of Ogbe, Obara has a plan. It screams “Get going!”. It lights a fire under the collective butts of creation to continue what was started at the big bang. 

From our perspective Obara is spiritual drive. It is human. Together with its pair Okanran it describes our potential to evolve. Obara is the absolute masculine. Okanran is the absolute feminine. Together they point to our ability to unite with source. They lead us to enlightenment.

Obara is evolution in action. It is about humans going out into the world as evolved beings. As we move out, we inspire others to do the same. As we push forward we bring our circle with us. 

Obara demands courage. “Slay the dragon of your egos”, it says. Keep moving towards undiscovered potential. Push towards the ultimate unity.

Obara is bold. It doesn’t question the powerful flow of the Universe. It pushes forward at its leading edge. As spiritual people it allows us to be the trailblazers along the road to what’s next.

Can you feel the powerful force of Obara pushing you into your future? I’d love to hear why, or why not.

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