Tuesday, April 22, 2014

The Odu - Okanran - Going Deep

Okanran is the feminine side of Obara’s absolute masculine. It is the essence of the priestess. The eighth energy nurtures depth. It allows evolution to move vertically.

Okanran is a priest sign. It is the feminine aspect of priest energy. It points to important skills that all priests, including men, need to develop. Okanran is about negotiation rather than force. It is about nurturing rather than boldness. It is about going deep rather than expanding outward.

From an evolutionary perspective Okanran allows the seeds that Obara planted to develop. It nurtures creatures to their greatest potential. It encourages relationship and mutual support. 

Okanran is still about what’s next. It helps us to look inside and consider our personal next steps. When we look out it encourages us to consider how we can nurture the growth of the whole. It helps what has been created to evolve.

Many of us have been conditioned to think of feminine as weak. Okanran is just as powerful as Obara. It focuses that power differently. Without this energy the seed would never sprout. The vast potential of creation could never be realized. Obara and Okanran are equal partners in moving the Universe forward.

Okanran points to the stillness deep inside us. It asks us to bring out the more nurturing aspects of ourselves. It creates compassion. It prepares us for deep spiritual insight. It balances Obara’s passion with sweetness.

These priest energies are our path. It is thorough deepening into both stillness and action that we empower ourselves. Free from ego, we can express our highest potential in the world. 

Each of these energies will become dominant at different times in our lives.  For some they are part of a Life Path providing deep spiritual yearning. For most people periods of reaching out for new experience are followed by times of integration.

Can you see how it is important to use the deepening of Okanran to balance Obara? I’d love to hear why, or why not.

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