Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Honouring Versus Acting On Our Emotions

Learning when to act on our emotions is an important way to develop character.  It demands maturity. It is important for us to be in touch with our feelings. But, we get ourselves into trouble when we indulge them. 

There are many times when expressing ourselves openly, and honestly, is necessary. But, when our “in the moment” feelings could lead to conflict it’s time to pull back. It is best not to act on a negative emotion until we’ve had a chance to calm down. That way we can make a rational decision regarding what to do.

It is equally important to express balanced, positive, emotions. Putting positive vibes out into the world makes it better for everyone.

Sometimes we need to think about where a positive emotion is coming from. Even a surge of happiness can be problematic. This is particularly true when we meet a new, attractive, person. Even though our feelings might be positive, they are not ready to be expressed.

The excitement of meeting someone puts us into endorphin overdrive. These feel good hormones are there to help us forge bonds with other people. But, we can’t take them too seriously. The powerful rush of feelings should be allowed to subside. Given some time they will balance out. Then we can figure out how we actually feel. 

Friendships also go through the honeymoon period.When the initial emotions subside, powerful negative emotions can replace them. The negativity brings the balance we need. If we stay calm, and take our time, we’ll get to the end of the process. Then, we’ll create a stable, long-lasting relationship. 

Honour your feelings.  Take action when you are rational enough to respond appropriately. Look to the long term. Then all your relationships will be built on positive foundations. 

Do you agree that it is important to keep our feelings in check sometimes? I’d love to hear why, or why not.

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