Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Too Safe?

If you stay inside your safe zone you risk stunting your growth. Pushing out with wisdom moves you forward powerfully, and safely.

Your comfort zone is there to support you. There are times when it is critical to your survival. We are programmed to see change as threatening, but without it we stay stuck. 

Pushing out can be scary. It can be unpleasant. But, avoiding the difficult parts of life doesn’t serve you. Too many people stay with what they know even if it isn’t working. Others believe that everything in life can be accomplished without effort. The Universe doesn’t work that way. 

We must be in partnership with the Universe to get results, and achieve our destinies. We chose to come here.  The limitations of our reality are part of the deal. Simply wishing for something with clear intention is useless. We have to take acton to make things happen.

Be clear about your goals. Work on any internal obstacles that you have to achieving them. You’ll push against your comfort zone as you start to do the work. Once everything is out of your way make the necessary effort.

As you work on your goal you’ll see just how powerful your comfort zone is. As it starts to weaken the parts of you that believe it keeps you safe will start to scream.

They are just like my mother’s voice from my last post. They’ll convince you that the effort isn’t worth it. They’ll try to tell you that you can’t achieve your goal. They’ll distract you.

These parts only want safety. That’s why you created them. Only you can choose to remove them. Acknowledge them. You used to need them. Thank them, and let them go.

How? Take action. Move intelligently. Slowly if you have to. But move. It is only your action that will show you, and those pesky voices, that you are safe. Keep putting one foot in front of the other. When new voices come up, listen to them, then let them go too. Eventually you’ll be in a new, better, life.

Do you agree that carefully pushing out of our comfort zones is necessary if we are to live fulfilled lives? I’d love to hear why, or why not.

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