Tuesday, October 7, 2014

What you need, versus, What you want

The Universe supplies us with everything we need to fulfill our destines. What we want may be another matter. Confusing the two is a common spiritual hurdle.

Many people start spiritual practice  in order to get something. This is the wrong approach. If you are more open then many unexpected benefits will come.

The Universe is a consciousness so vast that you cannot begin to comprehend it.  It will always know more than you do. It’s only goal is alignment. 

Beyond glimpses of the near future you can’t know what that alignment will look like. You have no idea what the long-term holds in store.

We have free will. If we listen, we’ll be guided to what’s best for us rather than floundering about. The more we tune in, the easier it becomes. 

You can ask the Universe for help. If your need is legitimate, and for your long-term good, it will be fulfilled. If you ask for something that isn’t in alignment you’re unlikely to get anything. It is best to ask for assistance and accept what shows up. 

I have been working with a client recently who is struggling financially. She, appropriately, wishes to petition Osun (the energy of success) for help. Let’s take a look at how she could do that.

The least effective approach would be very specific, asking for a lottery win for instance. That puts the Universe in a corner. If the windfall wouldn’t be good for her nothing will happen.

She could ask for a better job. That would be more likely to get results. It also requires her to be on the lookout for opportunities for promotion, or a new position with another organization.

Her best bet is to ask for her finances to improve. Allowing the Universe to provide her with long-term financial stability. She’ll need to be aware of the opportunities that show up, and be ready take action when they do. This allows the Universe many paths to help her. 

Do you agree that being open to what you really need is the best way to get results? I’d love to hear why, or why not.

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