Tuesday, February 3, 2015

One Step Forward

  Sometimes we need to allow one door to close so that another can open. It is just as important when we are moving into a new way of living as it is when we are trying to release an old behaviour.

Once you’ve set a goal, reflect on what the goal represents. What part of your life will the goal shift? How much energy you are still using to support your old ways?

We all have limited energy to work with. Recognize, and honour your limitations. Focus on the important  things and use your energy for them. If what you’re trying to accomplish is significant you won’t have enough resources to focus on old behaviours.

Career changes are a great example. Particularly for entrepreneurs. I am currently rethinking my coaching practice. I won’t have the time, or energy,  to run both practices for ever. I’ll need to cut ties with my old business so that my new one can flourish. 

Doing that can also be a powerful way to create a success mindset. At some point you must burn your bridges. By letting go of the security they provide you create a deep need to get to the next step. If you manage the inevitable stress you will push into your new reality.

Giving up security can be difficult. You may loose some relationships that you value. If your change is  profound enough, you will have to shift too. Let go of the old you and be ready for a time of uncertainty. This identity crisis will allow a new you to step out into the world. 

Significant change requires you  to transform. Every area of your life will be impacted. Consider the impacts before you start to shift. There will be surprises along the way,  but at least you’ll be ready for what you can see coming. 

Do you agree that cutting yourself off from the security of where you were is the best way to push yourself froward?

I’d love to hear why, or why not.

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