Tuesday, February 17, 2015

The Photo Shoot

It was a  Wednesday morning.  The day of my first professional photoshoot. I’m sharing this is because I made a powerful, conscious shift.

I’ve been exploring a new direction in my coaching practice. You’ll here more about that in the coming months. There is change-work for me to do. Continued success requires a new way of thinking. 

I like to think of things in terms of values. What’s important? How do I want to show up? As I explored those questions the answer was simple and clear. Powerful. Successful. Aligned. That’s what my inner state needs to be.

I needed photos taken for my new website. I wasn’t looking forward to the experience. I hate having my picture taken. Oddly, it was a significant hurdle. It was also my first opportunity to step out as an expression of my new brand.

I worked with my coach to choose the photographer, we chose the one whose work is best.  I found the idea of him intimidating. At his suggestion I put together a playlist that supported the right mood for the photos. I did a lot of visualization work, often with the music playing, so that I could reframe the fear that came up. 

I had a good sleep the night before and a quiet morning that day. Before I knew it the car was packed and I was heading out to the studio. Tom, the photographer was laid back. He made me feel comfortable, but kept things high-energy. 

We talked about the qualities I wanted to bring out. We added Fun. My butterflies turned to excitement. I was ready to go. I was just goofing around. Listening to my happy, energetic music. Expressing what the  brand means to me. I got some instruction, and, we laughed a lot.

I shifted by working on being powerful, successful and aligned as I moved though my day to day life.  I focused my spiritual practice on exploring and expressing those qualities. It is a great example of how spiritual work can help us with very practical things.

Have you had an experience where spiritual practice, or focus, has helped you with a practical goal? I’d love to hear about it.

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