Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Time to Slow Down

Sometimes moving quickly isn’t helpful. Taking small steps can be the key to powerful forward movement.

When I decide to do something I usually charge ahead. My lack of patience creates a rush forward that isn’t always the best for me.  

I can always depend on life, or a reading, to let me know that my behaviour is creating a problem. That happened yesterday.  The message was loud and clear. Slow down and focus.

I’ve just started working with my coaches and I’m fired up. It feels like a starting line. As with a longer race, pacing myself at the beginning of this project is crucial.

I’m creating radical change in my business. It is important to have a clear vision of where I’m headed before I start moving. Everything inside me is telling me to get going. I need to stay calm until the perfect moment. Then I can pick up the pace and launch into success.

For now, being cautious, and methodical, is my best route to success. I need to slow down, breathe deep, and lay the foundation before I try to soar.

Plans change, ideas shift and grow. I’ll stay flexible. But, I need a solid plan in place before I get started.

My energy is limited. If I dash off too quickly I run the risk of burning out before I’m done. If I want long-tern success I need to keep my reserves in place for the hard work ahead. Change of this magnitude will  require emotional shifts as well as real-world effort. I don’t want to go in exhausted. 

So I’ll stay the course. Put one foot in front of the other until it’s time to push forward. Why not move with the energy of the Universe on my side?

Do you agree that there are times that quickly moving forward is not in your best interest? I’d love to hear why or why not.

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