Monday, August 29, 2011

Are You Getting the Most out of Your Readings?

Ifa divination doesn’t attempt to predict the future. We believe that every human being has chosen their destiny. We discover our destiny as we go through life. The role of divination is to help us stay in the flow of the energy around us.

Offerings help us to benefit from divination. They allow us to find balance with the natural energies around us when we need to. Offerings can be just about anything that resonates with the person making them. I’d like to use coffee as an example. It is a favourite offering of mine.

What does the thing being offered mean to you. Your relationship to the offering is important.  Coffee makes me alert, its warmth helps to wake me up. I use coffee when I need energy or focus.

The second thing to consider is the appropriateness of the offering. If I am looking to increase my peace and calm, coffee would not be a logical choice. I might choose a relaxing tea or incense to accomplish that. Some energies are naturally out of synch with some offerings. We would not offer Obatala, the energy of clarity, anything that would interfere with clarity.

Your approach to making an offering is just as important. Have fun, enjoy the process, be curious about and open to whatever happens. When making an offering, you link the thing being offered with the energy you are connecting to. Doing it is a skill that requires practice. Be patient with yourself. Developing this skill allows you to benefit more from the energies around you.

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