Monday, August 8, 2011

Welcome to Living at Choice

Welcome to the inaugural issue of my blog, Living at Choice. It is my belief that we choose this existence and that the way we filter our reality is also a choice. We will explore the idea of being at choice in this blog. I will introduce tools that can get you more in charge of your life.

My primary focus will be on spirituality.  Integrating spirit into our day to day lives helps us see that we are at choice even when life is hard. We can honour our journey and treat everything along the way as a valuable lesson . Each lesson grows our wisdom and knowledge and moves us forward. I will write from the perspective of a fellow traveler, sharing my insights and the insights of those people in my life who inspire me. I hope that this blog will allow you to deepen your experience of life. You may discover new practices that can enrich it.

I am a Life Path Mentor. I teach clients to trust their internal compass, to act on their wisdom and to have confidence in the benevolence of the Universe. All of these ideas are in accordance with my own path, the ancient African philosophy Ifa. This blog is part of fulfilling that mission. Together we can grow a community which respects individual paths. It is diversity that makes us strong. The only thing that is not welcome here is disrespect for any idea or view. I am open to healthy debate in an appropriate context. There may be times that I respectfully ask you to move a conversation elsewhere. This is simply a way of keeping us on topic. Your feedback and wisdom are always welcome as are your suggestions for future posts. Welcome and enjoy.

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