Monday, August 15, 2011

Are you prefect the way you are?

   I’ve been thinking a lot about ancient wisdom lately. When taken out of context some basic truths can really get people into trouble. Taking the position that everything is perfect is a fine example of this kind of trap.

   I realize that from the highest spiritual perspective, everything is always exactly as it should be. It is an important life raft when we are in crisis. It can help us to be compassionate towards ourselves, and others, when we are struggling or in conflict. It can also allow us to excuse ourselves from our responsibility to grow and to honour our own experience.

  People seem to think that because everything is perfect they don’t need to do anything. Does that really make any sense? I believe that the perfection of things challenges us to see reality so that we can learn and continue to evolve.

   This bit of wisdom is not a license to bury  your emotions. People hide behind perfection so that they do not have to experience their hurt, sadness or anger. Your emotions are perfect. They act as pointers to growth that you may miss if you bury pain with soothing affirmations.

We all chose this limited, physical existence. If we are still alive then here must be more to learn. Part of the experience is impermanence and all the painful emotions that go with it. Experiencing emotions allows us to grow. We all want to experience peace and glimpse at the perfection of the universe.  We must come by those experiences honestly if they are to have any real value.

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