Monday, August 22, 2011

Can Setting Goals be Bad for Us?

How can we believe in Ifa and still use personal development tools? Recently I’ve been thinking about goal setting and its relationship to the Ifa world-view.

At the surface it would seem that the very idea of goal setting runs contrary to Ifa. I think that it is our orientation to goal setting that is the problem. There are a couple of very important things that we often forget when we are setting goals.

The first is long-term orientation. Ifa asks us to let go of our need for instant gratification. We need to look at the long-term implications of our actions. We want to build our lives for long-term success and happiness. Short-term goals are fine if they support our longer-term objectives. We need to consider the long-term implications of our goals. It is still probably best to focus more on longer term goals in order to allow ourselves flexibility as we are guided forward.

We must also consider our destiny, as well as our Life Path  and Guardian energies as we set goals. Any goal that we set must be in alignment with our destiny. It must make sense within the context of our Life Path and the Guardian Energy that we chose. We must consider the implications of any goal to the larger whole of our lives. Ifa divination is the best way to determine whether a goal is in our best interest.

Our focus when goal setting is traditionally to think about what we want. A more Ifa aligned approach would be to think about why we’re here and what would forward that mission. The Universe is ready to provide guidance to us. If we listen then goal setting techniques will support us as we grow and move towards our chosen destiny.

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